[Jan 25, 2012] Wednesday night beat down Xbl ssf4 AE v2012 (Were ever you live)

This is going to be a Xbl tournament of ssf4 (super street fighter 4 ae 2012)

Time- 7:30 sharp but be online by 7:00est time zone.
Also registry will be closed the day of the tournament at 6:00pm est time zone.

By signing up just reply to this thread with your gamertag.

Rounds- 3
Time limit- 99sec
Their will also be a character lock for the winner their will also be a best of 3 so the first to 2 wins, win their match-up, their will also be a losers bracket, so don’t think your out so fast. Semifinals-Finals will be 3-5 unless I say other wise.
Their will only be a loser bracket if more then 10 people join. Because its kind of pointless to have 6 people play each other again and again so yea if more people join then their will be a loser bracket.

1-me(MRZ DEMON 4U)
2-Tb brightgamer
4-TB dopeboyfresh
6-Los fragnos
8-flash house
10-nX Rezo SinFuL

XBL GT: JonJon21O (letter “O” not the number)

GT-Los fragnos

I’m also having a tournament on Sunday of this week so go check that thread out also if you want in, and I’m pretty sure people are wondering why I’m having so many, reasons being I’m looking for great players to play and meet, also I’m just trying to his them and keep the community alive, I try and attend local tournament if I’m not busy, but if these tournaments keep running like they are I might start adding prizes but that depends on how many people join and if I could get the prizes in time!!! So keep attending and soon you want be leaving these events empty handed. @_@


Flash House

Hopefully I can still enter, GT: TR3 StayReal