[Jan 26, 2013] SeattleVersus Pot Bonus Battles #2 - AE 2012/UMvC3/TTT2 - Results


SeattleVersus Pot Bonus Battles #2
Held at Gamebreakerz on January 26, 2013
Organized by Shandor M. Collins
Staff: SRKUW|Loz (@tLozSEA) / Manoftheleaf (@TechHitTS)
Staff: tLoz|Kaleo (@Kaleo1784) / DR|Wilson (Twitch.tv)
Facebook Group / Facebook Event / Northwest Forum

AE 2012 (21 Entrants)
1: SRKUW|Fawwaz ($184.50) (VI)
2: Finelikewine49 ($42.00) (GU)
3: Gieft ($21.00) (ZA)
4: Vilmon (BL)

5: tLoz|Kaleo (HO)
5: Scuba Steve (CH)
7: Scha (BA)
7: Shredder (AB)
9: Arcade Elite (KE)
9: CPR (BA)
9: Brokenfish (AD)
9: Dean (GY)
13: HI3I (AB)
13: The Prophet
13: BotPM (CH)
13: TKD|NOS K-Pop (IB)
17: Rising Church
17: Llama
17: TKD|D.Ray (FE)
17: Ar3s
17: tLoz|Duggish (RY)

Links: Grand Finals / Top 4 / Bracket

UMvC3 (21 Entrants)**
1: Hiipower ($184.50)
2: SRKUW|Darryn ($42.00)
3: Huey253 ($21.00)
4: BG|Rattana**
5: Soup
5: Shredder
7: All Over
7: King Radical
9: Wilson
9: Kyle P
9: SirTravisTheBlack
9: The Final Line
13: Llama
13: Huart Sayden
13: T-Bone
13: HoW|Shaka
17: HI3I
17: Ian
17: Finelikewine49
17: Ar3s
17: Big Vince

Links: Grand Finals / Partial Top 8 / Bracket

**TTT2 (10 Entrants)
1: White Mishima ($75.00)
2: Psylence ($25.00)
3: 13th Warrior **
4: Monkey
5: Keshtath
5: Min
7: Monstroso
7: Miguel Bowl
9: Shouta
9: The Prophet

Links: Grand Finals / Early Play / Bracket

Puzzle Tournament (12 Entrants)
1: CPR
2: Scha
3: John

4: Dugg
5: Eddy
5: Andrew
7: Colton
7: Dean
9: Raymond
9: Armand
9: Will
9: Fawwaz

Links: Bracket

Thank you to everyone who came out! This was easily the most organized tournament I have been a part of in some time, but there are some areas we can improve on for next time.

To start with what went well, players arrived early, Shandor provided us with a lot of setups (as well as many from the scene), and our bracket runners did amazing work. Big shoutouts to Manoftheleaf, Kaleo, and Wilson for their hard work today. I was worried I had announced how I was handling registration too close to the event, but it worked out very well. Because of that, all games were able to start on time, an amazing feat compared to previous months. In addition, the tournaments also moved by very quickly giving us a huge chunk of time (and setups) devoted to just casuals.

Now, for what I would like to improve. UMvC3 and the order as to what matches went on stream did not go as well as it could have due to misunderstandings between myself, Shandor, and Rattana. Rat and I talked after the event regarding a more flexible schedule that should minimize the wait for players in all games as well as getting you the best of Seattle’s UMvC3 play on stream. I would like to apologize for it being so inconsistent and promise it will be better next time.

I also want to thank Wilson for doing an excellent job running UMvC3 and to our commentators Darryn, Shredder, Ian, Black Travis, Cam, Huey253, and Rattana! Shoutouts to all the regulars and especially the Danger Room crew, the Olympia guys, and a few others like Black Travis, Vince, and Finelikewine who made this event so enjoyable and a 21-person tournament.

For AE 2012, our original plan was to have AE 2012 be the second game on stream, but we changed this to UMvC3 due to how far that bracket ended up getting. At this time, we tried to prevent some of the wait by going down to top 4, but this still left Fawwaz, Finelikewine, Gieft, and Vilmon waiting a long time. This is something I don’t wish to repeat in the future and I apologize to you four.

Big shoutouts to Barry for doing a great job running the bracket, being one win away from top 4, and then also doing commentary with Dylan. The Olympia crew heavily represented today not only in numbers, but with Vilmon taking 4th. There were also multiple players from Federal Way (TKD!), Tacoma, and Kirkland in addition to our regulars.

The Tekken crew also stepped it up with more entrants, setups, and their play. Manoftheleaf did a lot of work with running the bracket, commentary, and helping out with the stream when needed. Psylence managed to reset the bracket, but “White Mishima” ended up taking it (who thought of that name? Haha)

Nick also continued the $2 Puzzle Tournament. CPR ended up taking it over Scha which was great news for me considering I paid for him to enter, haha. I used that money to buy lemonade. Good work, CPR! The bracket for the puzzle tournament can be found alongside the rest of the tournaments on Challonge.

To everyone who has read this, thank you. I’m trying to see in what ways I can step up my game as someone involved with running these events and everyone’s reactions has been great and very helpful. While I’m mostly pleased with how today went, I am eager to try to make the next event even better!

If you did not check the stream out, I suggest you watch the archives. Shandor was not lying when he said he was trying some new things for this monthly and I was very impressed with what I saw. From the stream to the Gamebreakerz layout, to the setups, to everything else, he put in a lot of work for today and it showed. Thank you for putting this together, Shandor.

The next SeattleVersus Pot Bonus Battles will take place on Saturday, February 23rd. I hope to see you there!

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