[Jan 27, 2013] Wednesday Open Fight Night Season 1 (MvC3, SSF4:AE) (Manchester NH)

**Wednesday Open Fight Night - Season 1 - **
**We are not affiliated with Level Up out of So Cal. However we respect what they do and hope we can achieve simular goals in the future! the name is a coinincidence. - LUG team
Join us at Level Up Gaming in Downtown Manchester NH every Wednesday for Open Fight Night. Show off your skills in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV. This event is open to everyone and is FREE to PLAY. The night will begin with casual training / practice sessions. Then move into the new Wednesday Open Fight Night Season 1 Tournament League play.
Every Wednesday night from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Season 1 starts 7/13/2011 (runs 2 months)
Grand Champion Tournament
After every Season ( running 2 months ) we will host the Grand Champion Tournament Entry will be $10.00. The Season’s Top player will receive Free entry and Second and Third place players will get 1/2 off entry.
Payout will be 70/20/10
Level Up Gaming
1295 Elm St
Manchester NH 03101
(603) 836 5633
All ages are welcome and everyone is encouraged to bring your own controller / Fight Stick
Casuals ( Training / Practice ) - 5:00 to 6:00 pm
Season 1 - Tournament League Play - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Marvel vs Capcom 3 [Xbox 360]
Super Street Fighter IV [Xbox 360]
Weekly Character Spotlight:
Every Week we will announce next weeks Character Spotlight. Train up with the specified character and kick the most ass with him/her/it the following week and win a $10.00 Gift Certificate ( these can be stacked week after week )

Extended Details:

  • All tournaments will be 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Matches, Double elimination unless listed otherwise.
  • Top 4 in each tournament will switch to 2/3 rounds, 3/5 matches.
  • If you wish to change controls, do so prior to the match during a button check. If you begin the match with the wrong controls, that is too bad. If you pause the match or attempt to restart because your controls were messed up, you forfeit your match unless your opponent doesn’t care.
  • If you wish to use multi button binds for other games, it will have to be at the affirmation of your opponent.
  • Default button binds are exempt from this rule
  • Winner keeps same character, loser may select a new one
  • All games will be played on random stage select
    The point system:

1st: +8
2nd: +7
3rd: +6
4th: +5
5th: +4
5th: +4
7th: +3
7th: +3
All others: +1
The points will also be used to seed players for our Grand Champions Tournament. There will be a total of 8 players seeded. The top 4 from the previous Grand Champions Tournament, and the top 4 overall from “Wednesdays Open Fight Night” (who aren’t already seeded). The goal is to expand the number of players in Manchester / Southern NH and raise our skill level by giving everyone more tournament experience.
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i dont get it.

January 27,2012 is a friday though…