[Jan 28, 2012] Central Texas Brawl III - Ft Hood/Killeen - $500+ Bonus Pot! (Killeen, TX)

Central Texas Brawl is back! This makes it our 3rd tournament and our 2nd regional tournament. Loads of prizes brought to you by numerous sponsors, live steam, commentary, and more! Can you imagine… food, alcohol, games, prizes, and a chance to win a custom dual modded stick and possibly $100 towards a tattoo? Yup… GET HYPE!!

Presented by: K-Town Brawlers, in affiliation with UCC and also a UCC sanctioned event to earn seeding points for the Spring 2012 UCC Championships! Hosted by pkrstdnt and focusflute, Tournament Directors for Dallas Fight Club.

Registration may also be done at site

Current Guaranteed Pot Payout:
$200 for SSFIV AE
$200 for MvC3
$100 for MK
[this is projected to grow within the next few months and will either increase or decrease depending on the amount of entries for each game]

**1st Place Prizes: **

1st place for each game (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and Mortal Kombat) will receive a custom dual-modded MadCatz TE fightstick w/lots of extras! Valued at over $300 each.

Some key features:
shaft links [provided by Phreak Mods]
custom ball tops [provided by Brass Monkey Balltops]
custom artwork [provided by 81K Graphix]
paewang board w/harness [provided by eTokki.com]
dual mod [provided by Gummowned]
…and more!

Other Prizes:
$400 worth of Lunatik Tattoos gift cards! That’s right. We’re giving away gift cards for tattoos. So also tell your friends looking to get some new ink. There are (4) gift cards in total, $100 each good at Lunatik Tattoos in Killeen [810 N. WS Young Dr, Killeen, TX 76543] Plus other assortment of prizes that will be raffled off. Every participant and spectator will be given a ticket for the raffle on Sunday. From arcade parts, to comics, figures, etc…


Super Street Fighter IV AE ver 2012
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Mortal Kombat
Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition
King of Fighters XIII
*3v3 SSFIV AE ver 2012
*3v3 UMvC3
*5v5 3SO
Mystery Game
Avatar Fighter Online (sent to us by the Indie Developers themselves!)

Venue Fee:
LOWER VENUE FEE! Cut down by 50%:wow: Only $10 and this automatically gets you a raffle ticket for the prize drawing plus $1 OFF an additional raffle ticket per game you enter! So if you enter Marvel and Street Fighter, if you want to up your chances at winning some of these cool prizes you can purchase more tickets at just $1 each per game entered, so you just be adding $2.

Spectators will be $2 and it also gets them a raffle ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased for $2 each (LIMIT is 10)

Waived Venue Fees are available! Read 2nd post for more details

$10 for each game. You will be able to pre-register online via Paypal. Paypal link to be posted shortly.

Setup for staff will be at 9:00 AM
On site registration will begin at 11:00 AM
Casuals may begin as soon as setups are complete and ready to go
We will begin MK, 3SO, and KoF XIII at 12:00 PM.
then the rest will be as followed:
SSFIV: AE ver2012
Top 8 SSFIV: AE ver2012
(Pictures and Interviews)
Top 8 UMvC3
(Pictures and Interviews)

General Rules:

  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Controllers) We will not provide controllers for anyone
  • All games will be ran in accordance with Evo tournament standards
  • No wireless controllers will be allowed. Controller with adapters are accepted.
  • Only one entry allowed per game. [singles]
  • Payout for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be 70/20/10

Teams Specific Rules:

  • You can only be on one team.
  • You do not have to have the same teammates when playing teams in another game. (UMvC3 Jan/Stone/Toan; SSFIVAE Jan/Jewelman/Sinister X) These are two separate games.
  • Entry fee per team is $30 ($10 per person) and $50 for 3SO ($10 per person)
  • Payout only to 1st and 2nd
  • Teams will be capped at 16. (So be sure to register now! You may post here, but will not be official until your team has paid for their entry fee. Paypal link is up!)

Tournament Format:
Each player will be randomly seeded when creating the brackets. We will be using http://challonge.com and you may be able to follow the brackets via online/android or iphone. If we exceed 64 players, we will have 2 brackets (pools) with the top 4 from each pool advancing to the top 8. This will also help with seeding if many players will be traveling from the same city.

Yes. This tournament will be streamed live by our latest sponsor, Boom Gorillas. If you would like to commentate, please let us know.

81K Graphix
The Box Areana
Brass Monkey Balltops
Gummowned Modding Services
Paradise Arcade Shop.com
Phreak Mods
Lunatik Tattoos (Local)
VPG [Vorbild Panzergruppe]
KR Motorsports
Boom Gorillas
Bwoot Games
Shadaloo Xtreme Fightsticks

Contact Information:
In case you get lost or had any other questions or suggestions, call either myself (Rotendo) or Steve (iHiryu).
Rotendo - (619) 453 - nine four 8 zero
iHiryu - (254) 247 - five one 1 nine


Venue fees will be waived for the first 10 people who bring a complete setup!

What is needed:

  • An Xbox 360 console that is up to date with the latest firmware and updates for all games being ran on the system. (doesn’t matter what generation as long as it runs)

  • A lag free monitor (preferably an ASUS VH236H, Hannspree HF229H, or anything else that would qualify)

  • Your setup will be marked as to not get it mixed up with any other, along with all copies of games you provide.

  • In order to effectively run this event, we would be using your setup for the entire day and will shut it down and return all your games if they are no longer needed. So no showing up for 2 hours, go 0-2 in your games, then bouncing with all your stuff. That wouldn’t be cool.

Venue Eats:

  • Pluckers Wing Bar serves alcoholic beverages and of course… food. So we ask you all to eat and drink as much as possible! We don’t have to tell you that buying alcohol for minors is a big no-no, right? We do not condone this and if caught by the Pluckers staff, we risk getting shut down with no refunds being given. We thank you for understanding.

  • Power sources are limited. Every socket will be utilized to run all the equipment and setups for the event, so we recommend you bring a car charger for your hand held mobile devices if they need to be recharged. If you brought a setup, let the staff hook it up to the appropriate power source, please.

Media Coverage:

  • We will have someone going around doing interviews throughout the entire event. I’m not sure of the details regarding the use of profanity or consumption of alcohol on camera, but try to smart about it. This is getting posted up on this company’s youtube channel so remember that not only are you representing where you come from, but also the state of Texas, and the FGC as a whole.

  • There will also be a photographer taking pictures for their school paper and for us, so if someone approaches you asking for your name and city you’re from, *most likely its because you are going to be famous!
    (*whether or not this is true should not be held against us, however in the event that it does we own all rights to all any any form of media that we may have of you from Central Texas Brawll III, a fighting game tournament held and presented by K-Town Brawlers, ran by Tournament Directors Rodolfo Camarena and Steve Nguyen of Killeen, Texas, and sponsored by Pluckers Wing Bar, Killeen, TX)

  • Rotendo

Tentative Schedule for Jan 18, 2012

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Setup
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Registration for ALL GAMES opens
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM MK, KoF XIII, and 3SO Begins **Finals for all games will be played during this time
frame w/MK and KoF XIII Grand Finals being streamed
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM SSFIVAE 2012 Registration closes for this game, tourney begins (up to Winners/Losers Finals)
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM UMvC3 Registration closes for this game, tourney begins (up to Winners/Losers Finals)
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM 3SO Teams Registration closes for this game, tourney begins (8 team cap, double elimination 5v5)
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM SSFIVAE Teams Registration closes for teams, tourney begins (8 team cap, double elimination 3v3)
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM UMvC3 Teams Registration closes for teams, tourney begins (8 team cap, double elimination 3v3)
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM SSFIVAE Finals
10:00 PM - 11:00 PM UMvC3 Finals
11:00 PM - 12:00 AM Awards/Interviews/Raffle/Casuals/Etc

*AFO will be played from 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM
*Mystery game will be from 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM (depending on the game, it may or may not interfere with the finals if participants are playing in said finals)

Due to time restraints, we may need to make some minor adjustments or cuts, be it changing teams from double elimination to single, or cutting a game from the teams portion of the event.

  • Rotendo

Wow, 2:30 hours away. I can totally make this! :slight_smile:

san antonio will be there, ill make sure of it…we also plan on winning the tourney and stealing all the killeen women

Killeen women are no joke! :smiley:

Definitely going to work on making this.

So many tourneys early next year! Denton will try to make this, too.

get your butthole ready, stone :stuck_out_tongue:

How much is the team tourney? per person?

We’ll probably have it at $100 per team… real talk! j/k …hmm, but if you think about it, that’s some real dough and I’m sure there will be some interest, especially if the team tourney pot prize if up there. The team entry fee will be discussed over. We want it to be interesting after all.

  • Rotendo

Oh, with the hookah lounge next door, there will be plenty of women around. :tup:

I’m 90% confirmed

Great! Thanks. Looking forward to having you.

  • Rotendo

Hi, quick question, is it $25 fee just to spectate as well? Considering coming down from Oklahoma if it’s going to be a turnout similar to ARK 4

Yes, very much like ARK IV. We’re actually lowering the venue fee, which is a steal considering that $25 is already a day given the rates charged and this covers the entire weekend!

I will update the info sometime over the weekend.

  • Rotendo

There will be a cover to enter the venue for the day if you’re entering the tourney or playing games as a customer. Just $5 and you’ll be entered into the raffle as everyone else! You may win custom arcade parts or other prizes so hang on to your tickets, please.

  • Rotendo

Updated a lot of information for the event. Schedule to be listed soon, and paypal information also to be listed.

  • Rotendo

KoF XIII added to the roster!

  • Rotendo

Paypal link added! Just visit our website @ www.ktownbrawlers.com

  • Rotendo

Venue fee reduced to only $10! New venue location in the works too!

  • Rotendo

KOF 13 added to the list???
Oh man this tournament is going to be amazing.

Unfortunately I can’t make it. I have K-9 training in the beginning of Feb.