[Jan 28, 2012] FFA SSF4 AE TOURNAMENT 01/28/12 (Granada HIlls, CA)

hey guys its tournament time!!!
what?? yes
game?? SSFA AE
Format?? Team Tournament 2vs2* (team tournament will take place unless the number of entrants is less than 16, if less than 16 then 1vs1 will be the format.)*
Where?? here at Family fun arcade
When? 01/28/12
Time? 5:00pm
Entry Fee? $7 ($3 to the venue $4 to the pot)
prize? 1st 70% 2nd 20% 3rd 10%
system? xbox 360

will keep this for any updates.

update 01/25/12
It is a team tournament unless we get less than 16 players, if we get less than i will do singles.

I’m coming out of retirement for this! Count me in!