[Jan 28, 2012] [JAN 28, 2012] Ultimate Gaming Spot (Dedham, MASS) (Dedham, MA)

As much as I want to defend my title. I will be going to the Curly Mustache tourney instead. Sorry, Gill :frowning:

Hey, I understand CB, good luck with that.

Here @ UGS now people are getting there casuals on.

UMVC3 Tourney Final Matches:

GDX Riceman VS BB Amish Mike

Part 2

Tournament Results:

King Of Fighters 13

1st Tay1
2nd Alex Greenidge
3rd Eighty
4th Fantastic

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

1st BB Amish Mike
2nd GDX Riceman
3rd Roopyu
4th Bmac
5th UGS Gill Hustle
5th Grim
7th BB Pimpin 2 EZ
7th J Monkey

Super Street Fighter 4 AE

1st Replay’d Weaksauce
2nd GDX TV
3rd Noobtron
4th Tay1
5th BB Hazey_Eye
5th Replay’d Brawl Karter
7th Jason
7th GDX Dark Matter
9th UGS Gill Hustle
9th Eugene Innocent




I’m so mad I couldn’t make it :frowning: but anyways, are you gonna do another tourny anytime soon??