[Jan 28, 2012] [JAN 28, 2012] Ultimate Gaming Spot (Dedham, MASS) (Dedham, MA)

Date: Saturday Jan 28, 2012

Games: KOF XIII, SSF4 AE 2012, UMVC3

$5 Venue Fee $10 Prize Fee

Location: Ultimate Gaming Spot 529 Providence Hwy Dedham MA 02026

Time: Sign ups start at 2pm. Games begin at 4pm

Standard Tournament rules apply:

Best 2 out of 3 matches with 3 out of 5 for Finals games.

KOF will be first, followed by Marvel and then SF.

System will be Xbox 360. BYOC (Bring your own controllers) I have some on site, but that doesn’t mean you get your “preferred choice” so be advised.

If players supply titles to meet demand, venue fee will be waived.


the prize is $10 -_-…

Fees . . . and I’ll be updating this soon -_-

Updated OG post

Alright keep up the hype!!!

ill spectate, but I’ll play UMV3 if There are no MODOK players

also, If I want to play Marvel and SF4 do I have to pay separate fees? I want to style with some of the “forgotten” characters

thanks Gill

One time venue fee ($5) but you have to pay the prize fee($10) for each game you plan to play.

You listed the date as Jan 5th for the RSVP. Any idea what kind of turn out there will be? Is this a regular thing?

Don’t know why that was, (FIXED). It’s my fault for not keeping on the updates, sorry about that.

As far as turnout, the area has been pretty dead, so I’m guessing there are a few people looking, to see where they stand.

Also some pics from the Fight Nights this month:




Hey, I think I recognize CP and LuckyD. Well, I’m a definite “maybe” for the time being, but I still have a week to make up my mind. Hopefully this gets a good turnout though! I’ll tell some people tonight at GU.

By dead I meant no tourneys all month :stuck_out_tongue:

Please do,! I haven’t benn able to make it out since GU’s last tournament, but I did tell Lucky D and CP about it, so anything you can do to convince more people is appreciated.

I’ve been to Brain Box a few times and have been telling those players as well already.

Myself and a friend of mine are planning on going, mainly for UMVC3, if all things go well. So for now, you can count us in.

Excellent! I’ll keep the hype train up all week!

Random Bump

Not gonna be able to make this, unfortunately. When’s the next one? I’ll try my best to be there =/

Sorry to here that, but can’t be helped.


Will there be teams for SSF4:AE 2012 and UMVC3?
2v2 or 3v3

While that isn’t “planned”, if there’s enough interest I wouldn’t say no.


Looking forward to seeing the turnout tomorrow.