[Jan.28, 2012] Marvel Throwdown 3 [Vancouver, Burnaby]



Jan. 28 2012


Metropolis Comics and Toys
4735 Kingsway Burnaby, BC V5H 4J2

UMvC3 Teams (3v3)
UMvC3 Singles

KOFXIII singles


12:00pm: Registration begins
1:30pm: Teams begin
4:30pm: Teams End, Singles begin
8:00pm: Singles end


Venue: $5

UMvC3 (360)
$5 fee

$5 fee

double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games grand finals



why are marvel tournaments so few and far between? Is it really necessary to wait 2 months before you hold this?

just anxious is all.


I’ll be there as always, entering everything this time.


No worries. Normally it wouldn’t take so long between tournaments. It was just bad timing with Canada Cup and Northwest Majors 3 happening, and also with Ultimate coming out. Not too many people wanted to enter a a tournament when the game was so new and also Dec is just a bad month with finals and people leaving for the holidays.

But from now on we should be able to do these bi-monthly.


I will come and help if I can!


good luck with this


yes good luck. if i played marvel id definitely go.

…aannnnd i just noticed KOF singles. maybe i will attend after all. learn some KOF after the next VSB drops!

…and this is the store ON kingsway huh? ive been to and fro that area sooo many times and not once have i had the decency to drop in. ill change that!


Yuuup, that’s the one.

It’s across the street from Metrotown Mall, on the second floor with the wiiiide glass windows that have NES sprites pasted in them. It’s above SHAMINS JEWELLERS (big dark red sign with white writing). There’s a Subway restaurant right next to it. The doorway/stairway up to the store is on the other side.

Here’s a Google Maps link.
(If you use Street View it’s the empty suite. Those pictures were taken before the shop moved in there.)


Hey just joined the site here. I’m a noob at MvC3 haha.
Looking forward to seeing more MvC3 Events. I will be there and I will bring a friend possibly even though he feels that he’s not ready yet. =p Tournaments are the best experience! Anyways looking forward to meeting the community there.


going and bringing my brother and my friend . get hype!


I would like to thank all who came out to this event! Hope you had fun and am looking forward to seeing you guys again in March!


UMvC3 Teams

  1. No Name
  2. Korean Pride
  3. White Salt

UMvC3 Singles

  1. WS - StoneCold Dan
  2. Schowt (Sampson)
  3. MA. Enhance

KOFXIII combo exhibition

  1. Schowt
  2. RR4.Mr.Karate