[Jan 28, 2012] T.T.F. Ranbats: UMvC3 2.3 & SSFIVAE2012 5.2- San Diego, CA.- 1/28 (San Diego, CA.)


[LEFT]January 28th 2012[/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Doors open: 3:00 pm[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Registration Deadline: 4:00 pm[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Ultimate Tournament Starts: 4:00 pm[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Super Tournament Starts: 7:00 pm[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Fees: [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]House Fee: $2.00[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]MVC3: $5.00[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]SSFIVAE2012: $5.00[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Cash Payouts/ Points for UMVC3:[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]1st- 70% of the pot/ 10 points[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]2nd- 20% of the pot/ 7 points[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]3rd- 10% of the pot/ 5 points[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]4th- 3 points[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]5th- 2 points[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]5th- 2 points[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]7th- 1 point[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]7th- 1 point[/SIZE][/LEFT]
Doors Open:
3:00 PM

UMvC3 Starts:

SSFIVAE2012 Starts:

KoFXIII Starts:

[LEFT][SIZE=4]UMVC3 Singles -[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]+Game version: US X Box 360 or PS3 what ever we have more of.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]+Game Settings: 99 Seconds, 2/3 Games, Default Handicap, Default Damage[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]+ Double Elimination[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]+You may not use any glitch that prevents the game from being played. This includes game freezing, game resetting, player freezing, etc.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]+Dead body infinites are allowed to gain a positional advantage, but not to delay the game.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]+Winner must keep same starting character, but can switch the order of assists.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]+You may not use the same character twice on one team.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]SSFIVAE2012 Singles-[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]+Game version: US Playstation 3 or X Box 360[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]+Game Settings: Versus Mode, 99 Seconds, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games, No Handicap[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]+ Double Elimination[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]+If the players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, the match will be random stage select.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]+Winner may change ultra, but has to pick ultra first after loser picks character.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT]+ 3v3 Mode 2/3 60 seconds[/LEFT]
[LEFT]+Double Elimination[/LEFT]
[LEFT]+ All characters and DLC allowed[/LEFT]
[LEFT]+ Winner must keep same characters and order, loser may switch both.[/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Set ups: ( 360’s please, casuals can be PS3)[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Station 1[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]T.V./ Monitor: Myself[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]System/Game: Myself[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Station 2[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]T.V./ Monitor: Myself[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]System/Game: [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Station 3[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]T.V./ Monitor: Myself[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Station 4[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]T.V./ Monitor: Myself[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Station 5:[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]T.V./ Monitor:Myself [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Station 6[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]T.V./ Monitor:[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]UMvC3 Season 2 Point Board:[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]ttf Dios X- 13 pts [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]WL Genghis - 10 pts [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]WL Costco- 7 pts [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]lmc combusted- 7 pts [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]ttf T.G. Cid- 7 pts [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]watts- 3 pts [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]ttf Kankuro SDT- 2 pts [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]ttf unprotectedSEX- 2 pts [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]Toki- 2 pts [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]srs call2arms- 2 pt [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]ttf pimpbot 9000- 1 pt [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]smooth assassin- 1 pt [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]SSFIVAE2012 Season 5 Point Board:[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]n3m0n1c- 10 pts[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]ttf pimpbot9000- 5 pts[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]ttf unprotectedSEX- 3 pts[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]jonkun- 2 pts[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]BOX oceansideDOODS- 2 pts [/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]El Culero - 1 pt[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4]ls Jokersss- 1 pt[/SIZE][/LEFT]




ill playe AE



San Diego, When and Where will you play? Vol.III

KoF singles added and also rules


Doors Open:
3:00 PM
UMvC3 Starts:
SSFIVAE2012 Starts:
KoFXIII Starts:


Im in of course.


i dont have internet at my house at the moment im at work so i cant update the facebook page
so if anyone sees this the tourney is still happening
i will be at my grandmas later on tonight so i can get some of that internet and update you all
but hope to see you all tomorrow
set ups needed of course