[Jan 28, 2012] XBL Avatar Fighter Online Tourney #2 (In Your Living Room)


Time: Saturday, 1/28/12, 7:00 Central. (8:00 EST, 5:00 PST)

Format: Double-elimination, 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches. Grand Finals will be 3/5 matches. (Winners and Losers Finals are still 2/3 matches.) Winner keeps character/Avatar/moveset.

Legal characters/moves: All of 'em.

Entry Fee: Your Pride. All of it. It’s on the line. Otherwise, it’s FREE.

Prize: $5 in Amazon bucks, from my pocket to yours, just so we have something to play for.

How do you enter? Simple. Post in here by 6:45 CST Saturday, make sure to include your XBL Gamertag, and meet back in this thread at 7:00 CST Saturday. A couple minutes before 7:00, I’ll post everyone’s first match. Add that person to your XBL Friend List, get in Avatar Fighter Online, and play best-of-three matches. Winner reports back to this thread, and I’ll post the next round once everyone finishes that round. Rinse and repeat until we have one person remaining.


  • You MUST have at least ONE open spot on your Friends List. Microsoft has a 100 friend limit.
  • Make SURE you have Version 1.2. I doubt we’ll have this problem, but just make sure.
  • DON’T LIE. Free tourney, not much of a prize, so don’t tell me you won when you got bodied.
  • Last, but not least, QUIT DOWNLOADING PORN WHILE PLAYING. Or whatever else you’re doing.

hope me and hogosha aren’t gonna play with $5 on friday, more peeps need to rsvp.

You should postpone it to next Saturday because I’m off. But if you cant add me but there is no guarantee I will get home on time.

awesome ill play. gamertag- slyhawk765

Only a few hours left! C’mon, we had 11 for the last one. Where all da 12-year olds at again? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, unless we actually DO end up only having 4 people sign up for this, I’ll be doing EVERYTHING on here. So be prepared to check this thread for who you play. I won’t send a billion XBL messages and have to endure an 8 person party chat again when I can just use this. Ideally, it’ll go like this:

7:00 - I’ll post 1st round.
7:00-7:20 - Everyone plays who they’re supposed to, winner comes back and posts the results.
7:21 - I post 2nd round (Winners 1, Losers 1)
7:21-7:40 - Play who you’re supposed to, winner reports.
7:41 - I post 3rd round (Winners 2, Losers 2)
…and so on. You get the idea. If we only have (literally) 4 of us, I’ll just get at everyone on XBL.

Alright. Even though there are only four of us, I’m runnin’ this.

First round:
Hogosha (GT - Shin Hogosha) vs SlyFighter (GT - slyhawk765)
MollyFighter (GT - RoshieTheMecha) vs stryfeno1 (GT - Stryfeno1)

I’ll handle everything else from my 360.

MollyFighter (GT - RoshieTheMecha) is not online.

if you guys want to do some lobby after, i’m up for that :slight_smile:

Well, I might run one more a couple weeks from now, but with only 3 people in for this last night I’m a bit hesitant in doing another one. :stuck_out_tongue:

1st - Hogosha (Cyndi, A.Fireball/Meteor/Orb Shield)
2nd - Stryfeno1 (Mike, Star/Headbutt/Orb Shield)
3rd - SlyFighter (Dive Kick/Flying Kick/Meteor Shower)

Hollow victory because, afterward, Stryfeno beat me about 10-0 with Twin Orbs/Headbutt/Orb Shield. A seriously sick combination. (I was running A.Fireball/Meteor/Combo Maker during that.)

Sry guys last night, family emergency and didn’t make it back till like 2 AM.

rofl at the guy entering with no avatar!!!

Looks like they were playing stock characters. Had Bill as my main if I entered.

He meant SlyFighter not having an SRK avatar. :stuck_out_tongue: Stryfeno and I played Cyndi v Mike in winners bracket because we like the movesets enough to just pick 'em and go.