[Jan 28th, 2012] Triumph or Die 2


any1 down to money match this weekend? apparently edmonton has no good players besides bee and dave…

I’m down.


Congrats to Jozhear for another tourney win in Edmonton! :slight_smile:

I enjoyed our match Joz, I learned alot from playing/watching your Vega.

RAWR I lost the money match to dean but I got 2nd. That is the power of the renagade! When I lose a match to dean it makes my hulk so angry that he places second!

I couldn’t beat B in the end but I I did bulldoze my way threw losers. Good matches in the end with Love, no more using that 2ndary team vs me!

Also, Glad to be in TEG! bout time i get recognized for the beast that my hulk is!

-Renagade out!

And I learned I need to practice the vega matchup! Good stuff regardless, I’ll see what I can do next time.

Good Job on another successful tourny shiro. So long as you ignore the retarded haters we got in the city im sure you’re gonna keep on bringing us these sick tournys. I dont think shiro gets enough credit for his hard work.


as expected the no pussies and frauds at this tournament wonder where they all went…good shit to shiro too funnest tourney i ever went to keep em coming

Thanx, I look forward to facing your Honda again Deadsider :tup:

Good stuff, I hope I did my job well at the tournament. There were tons of people in the room- I think we may broken a record already!

My skills are not polished in ssf4, but the competition was pretty tough in general. Good job to everyone who participated and helped out (congrats to the winners as well).

Thank you for everyone that attended, and we hope to see you in the summer tournament. :tup:

Costa Rica homie! otherwise I woulda been there for sure.