[Jan 29, 2012] Online Xbl ssf4 AE v2012 tournament (Were ever you live)

This is going to be a Xbl tournament of ssf4 (super street fighter 4 ae 2012)

Time- 7:30 sharp but be online by 7:00est time zone.
Also registry will be closed the day of the tournament at 6:00pm est time zone.

By signing up just reply to this thread with your gamertag.

Rounds- 3
Time limit- 99sec
Their will also be a character lock for the winner their will also be a best of 3 so the first to 2 wins, win their match-up, their will also be a losers bracket, so don’t think your out so fast.

2-me(MRZ DEMON 4 U)
3-tb brightgamer
4-Tb dopeboyfresh
6-Tr3 stayreal


Im in australia, so not sure if I will be able to get the time zone correct, sorry if this screws up anything

Flash House

This should be fun :slight_smile:

Im new here, how do i get to the tournament, do i just start the game and select tournament and search for it???

I just realised, I may have screwed up.
My gamer tag on ssf4 is dallyddd, not dallyd, also I am on PC not XB, I thought the 2 were compatible, can anyone let me know for future reference.
I love this game but I guess I am still a bit of a noob.
I look forward to future tournaments

Oh yea the tournament over I also was looking for you but um I’m going to be holding another in some weeks when in can have prizes n my stream going when ever I get this dazzle working so you can follow me if you want to be notified of tournaments.

ok thanks, so my PC is compatible with XBl?

Unfortunately, PC and 360 aren’t cross compatible (wish they were).