[Jan 29, 2012] (Pomona, Diamond Bar, Walnut) Jan. 29, 2012 ~Amateur Road Tournament~... (Pomona, Ca)

[LEFT]Info: This will be my first at running a tournament. The event will be held in my home with 2 set ups. I am running this “amateur” tournament in hopes of a way to promote the community as well as getting the names of the players out there. You may only enter if I do not recognize you as a top player and I follow the fighting game scene well so I would know. Being this is the first time running something like this, I will cap the entry at 16 to see how it goes first.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Location: 1075 W. Fernleaf Ave.[/LEFT]
[LEFT] Pomona, CA 91766[/LEFT]
[LEFT] (909) 525-8445 Ask for Jason[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Games: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition (PS3) $15 entry fee.[/LEFT]
[LEFT] Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (PS3) $15 entry fee.[/LEFT]
[LEFT] ** More games will be added if this is a good turnout.**[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Format: [LEFT]Double Elimination: Basic 2/3 games, 2/3 rounds (Winners, Losers and Grand finals are 3/5 games) Loser of the match can change character. Winners character is locked.[/LEFT][/LEFT]
[LEFT][LEFT] 1st place = $200 (If all 16 slots are filled) [/LEFT][/LEFT]
[LEFT][LEFT] 2nd place= Free Entry to next weeks tournament.[/LEFT][/LEFT]
[LEFT] Bonus If you win 1st place in BOTH games, I will personally give you an extra $50[/LEFT]
[LEFT] Pay out format will change the following tournaments as entry numbers grow[/LEFT]

Venue Fee: FREE!
If anyone is willing to lend equipment, casuals can be set up.

Time/Bracket Format: You may start registering now by sending me an email at jasonx816@gmail.com with your name, gamertag, age, and which games
you are entering.
Entry Fee will be collected at 3 pm on the day of the tourney.
Brackets will be picked by number order 1-16 from a hat by the players.
No.1 VS No.2, No.3 VS No.4, etc.
Marvel starts at 4pm and Street Fighter starts whenever Marvel finishes.

Please remember to bring your own controllers for the PS3!

Hopefully we’ll have a good turnout and this can be a weekly thing. Lets all level up on the road to EVO and hopefully win some money in the process. =D

I will post on the thread when registration is done with the name of the players for both games.

1/24 Confirmed Player List Update

SSF4 AE 2012 : Loopy

UMvC 3: PxFive

*Just a side note, if there is not enough players by sunday, i will switch the tournament to 8 man. This means the prize pool for both games will go down by half. See you all there!

bumpy bump*

So who is allowed to take part in this tournament exactly? I’m just trying to understand, if you know of me or heard of me then I can’t??? Or you just can’t be good at the games being played? So basically you have to be a random scrub and be complete trash in order to participate? :slight_smile: thanks, not trolling, just want to know if I am capable of handling my own in this game(AE, MvC3) than am I not allowed to participate?

Uh, 15 * 16 = $240. First prize is 200 bucks, second prize is 15 only if they come back?

If you wanna charge a venue fee, just say you’re charging a venue fee.

So I want to go to this but none of my Qs were answered :frowning: I guess I’ll call the number tomorrow and see what’s going on with this tournament