[Jan 31, 2012] Soul Calibur 5 Launch Event @ UP 1-31-2012 (Philadelphia, PA)


Hubbs and Big E present Soul Calibur 5 Launch Day Tournament Event

University Family Fun Center
4008 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Jan 31, 2012
Registration starts @ 5pm, tournament starts at 6pm SHARP!

Venue Fee - $7

Game Fee:
Soul Calibur 5 - $10
SSF4AE v2012 - $5(side tournament)
UMvC3 - $5(side tournament)

Prize money will be split 70/20/10 for top 3

Soul Calibut 5
[]3/5 rounds per match
]2/3 match points, 3/5 for finals
[]time set to default
]life and soul gauge set to default
[]Stage select is random, unless both players agree on selection
]winner character lock, loser may pick new character
[]Create-a-soul characters are not permitted
]Dampierre is banned until further notice
[]Devil Jin is banned(part of the CAS editor)
]marco or programmable pads/sticks are not allowed
SSF4ae v2012 & UMvC3
[]2/3 rounds
]2/3 match points, 3/5 for finals
[]time set to default
]life set to default
[]stage is random select
]Winner character lock, loser may pick new character
[*]macro or programmable pads/sticks not allowed
We are looking to have some good clean fun. We are running this at a place where people bring their kids. So we expect people to watch how you conduct yourselves.


build up some hype. Only a few weeks away.


Where you at guys?


I will be out there for this.


Only two weeks to go. Get Hype!!!


Lets go people step up.


Looks like Im winning my first tournament E. lol no one wants to take me on.


I’m going to win.


Lets get the ball rolling… All philly, south jersey and DE cats. Get in here and hype up this amazing release event. Also i will be streaming the launch event. I have a much improved stream now so everybody will be able to enjoy it.


And I will be there with FREE Tokyo tea.


Only days away people!


I can’t wait.


I know Philly has a SC scene where are they at? I always come from NJ lol


Players are scared.


Philly has a very strong scene, it’s just that people don’t post on the forums much. Either its texting, Facebook, or talking in chat on 8wayrun. But once people have the game, things will be poppin.

But Philly is the place to be for those who want to learn SC. And I’m ready to go at this game hard and do well at Winter Brawl, EVO, and anywhere else that I can make it to. Holla at me.


We in there!


I’m going to win.




I’ll Come To This Just To Play Some SF With Some People Offline. I Already Have SC Compliments Of Craigslist.


The newlywed Zephyr will be there spreading cheap Maxi and Zangief cheer!