[Jan 31, 2012] Soul Calibur V Last Minute Release Day Meetup. Fight On! At Game On. (Clifton, NJ)

Soul Calibur V has just released, and it’s time to play it obsessively. Come down to Fight On! meetup night at Game On to give the new game a whirl. A tournament will be held with a $5 entrance fee + $5 venue fee if enough people are feeling confident.

BYOC! (Bring Your Own Console!) - I will be supplying one PS3 console and TV but it would be appreciated if people could bring more. If we do end up holding a tournament, people who bring setups (TV, Console, game Controllers) will have the $5 venue fee waived.

The 192 nj transit bus brings you one block away from the store from port authority.
It’s around 9 or 10 bucks round trip from nyc.

Store is conveniently located next to a sushi place, chocolate shop, pizzeria, exotic ice-cream shop, quick-check, bagel shop, bakery, small food market, cafe, and liquor store.