[Jan 6, 2012] APEX 2012! New Brunswick, NJ! $500 pot bonus per event! (New Brunswick, NJ)




(Please see the schedule for the list of games, and when they start!)

This year’s Apex is branching out from primarily a Smash Bros. event, to bring New Jersey one of the biggest tournaments it has ever seen! Aside from the Smash Bros events that Apex’s name was built on, we’re throwing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter 4: AE (2012), and Mortal Kombat 9 into the mix.

Every game hosted by the APEX this year will have a guaranteed pot bonus of at least $500! Brought to you by some of the best sponsors and biggest companies in gaming, we’re guaranteeing this event to be one of the strongest showings, and are amped to bring to you the best competitive gaming has to offer!

We’re going to have two amazingly high quality streams, brought to you by some of the most dedicated people in the business:

Jaxelrod of 8wayrun is mainly famous for both his work in the Soul Calibur community, and his streams for the 8-on-the-Break series, which runs Tuesday nights at 9pm. Jaxel will be on board all weekend, providing you guys with the best possible stream!

Alongside Jaxel, concurrently, we’ll have Bifuteki on board, providing a second HD stream, to ensure the community has as much content coming at them as we possibly can!

Bifuteki, famous for their work at SummerJam2011, and the Salty Battles series, will be heping out Apex with as much hype as they can. Capable of a perfect 720p hd stream, Bifu is going to be bringing you the streams for MK9, SSF4AE, and UMvC3 on Saturday, January 7th!

Also, we’re working with Level|up Live, and Alex Valle to bring you some serious incentive to attend Apex 2012!

First off, any player who attends Socal Regionals will receive a 50% discount off of Apex’s venue fee! So, all you west coasters looking to save some money, and stay in the hype, make sure you’re hitting up SoCal Regionals!

Secondly,* SoCal Regionals* is also going to act as an Apex Qualifier (One more to be announced!) for Mortal Kombat 9, Ultimate MvC3, and Super Street Fighter 4: AE! The top 8 placers in these games will receive seeding points for Apex, to ensure the best and most fair playing field we can possible give!

Pot Bonuses and venue accommodations are brought to you, in part, by:





Local Battles

Dominion Method Gaming



The venue fee for this event (spectator pass included) covers free play for the weekend, and access to all of our sponsor’s booths during the weekend! You’ll find t-shirt sales, custom artwork, and a slew of set ups dedicated to casuals all weekend long!

Venue Fee:
[]FGC events: $30
]Pokemon: $10
[]Spectator: $10
Tournament Line-up:


Entry fee: $10


Entry fee: $10


Entry fee: $10


Entry fee: $10


Friday, January 6th:

[]9am-11: Check in
]11am: Super Smash Bros Melee Doubles Bracket
[]4pm: Super Smash Bros Melee Singles Pools
]6pm: Pokemon Black/White
[*]8pm: Super Smash Bros Melee Bracket until top 8
Saturday, January 7th:

[]8am-10am: Check in (Checkin and Registration for SSF4, UMvC3, and MK9 has been extended to noon!
]10am: Super Smash Bros Brawl Doubles Bracket (Until top 4),
[]1pm: Mortal Kombat 9 begins (Until top 8) Super Street Fighter 4 (until top 8), and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom begin (To top 8)
]3pm: Super Smash Bros Brawl Singles pools begin
Sunday, January 8th:

[]8am-12pm: Check in, and Casual play.
]Noon: Mortal Kombat 9 top 8
[]2pm: Super Street Fighter 4 top 8
]4pm: Super Smash Bros Melee top 8 singles and top 4 teams
[]7pm: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 top 8:
]9pm: Super Smash Bros. Brawl top 8 singles and top 4 teams
For all information regarding travel, housing, and registration, head on over to our site: www.apexsmash.com. Below, you’ll find a few links to help you get started.


All payouts, pending greater than 128 entrants (Plus $500 per event) , will be as follows:

Information and Vitals at apexsmash.com:

Here, you’ll find the rates for all of the events we’re offering throughout the weekend. Anyone attending solely for MK9, SSF4AE or UMvC3 is welcome to register at the door!


[*]Hotel information: http://apexsmash.com/information/hotels/


The hotel has offered us a severely reduced rate to those who follow the link to their site. If you’re looking specifically for housing, there will be a link to the smashboards housing thread, where you’ll find some players who are allowing other players to stay for extremely cheap. Either way!

Two Albany Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA 08901
Tel: +1 732 873 1234

The hotel is conveniently located down the road from the venue and available at a discounted price. See the instructions below for booking and rates.


ONLINE RESERVATIONS ONLY the link below will take you to a site dedicated toward making your reservation quick and easy. You will be able to make, modify and cancel your hotel reservations online, as well as take advantage of any room upgrades, amenities or other services offered by the hotel.

To view the website, please click the following link:

Please click here to book your room

Here are the current room rates:

Single Occupancy$119
Double Occupancy$119
Triple Occupancy$144
Quadruple Occupancy$169
The “cut-off date” is 12/19/2011. Reservation requests received after the cut-off date will be based on availability at the Hotel’s prevailing rates and will be credited to the Group’s Guest Room Block.


[*]Travel information: http://apexsmash.com/information/traveling/
American Airlines is offering a 5% discount on flights into LaGuardia (LGA), JRK, Newark Liberty Interational (EWR), and Westchester County Airport (HPN). When booking your flight please use the AUTH. code: 2512BG for your dicount to be added.
The discount can be booked on-line at www.aa.com/group for AA/AE flights only, without a ticketing charge, allow at least one business hour for the aa.com loading. Use the Authorization Number noted above without the preceding A as the AA.com Promotion Code. May not apply to some contracts.
For anybody aged 18-22 and living in the US:


Originally Posted by JoFTWin http://www.smashboards.com/images/vibrant/buttons/viewpost.gif
*"I just heard the recent DI podcast interview with Alex Strife and I am going to do everything in my power to make it to APEX now. I have a feeling this will be legendary!!! *

But I noticed some people are kind of skeptical about going. Specifically college students like myself. I didn’t see it mentioned on this thread, so for all my broke college students who are not aware here is a very cheap way to fly that I plan on using to get to APEX, AirTranU: http://airtranu.com/cheap-student-tickets.aspx

Their flight tickets range from $49 to $99 depending on where you’re located in the U.S. if you can’t afford that then I don’t know what to tell you. The catch is that you have to be between the age of 18-22 to use it. Read the link for more specifics, but that’s basically it. Also as an aside, I’m sure you all can split hotel costs with some fellow smashers or even find housing. So there are several ways to get around costs, and it should be worth it for a worthwhile event. Hope this helped some folks. Get hype!!"


Those traveling from out of country come a very long way to be here at our event. That’s why we want to do our best to provide the best experience before, after and during the event. We will be providing free housing to as many as possible. It may not be possible for everyone but the earlier you let us know you’re attending the easier it will be to set you up with someone who will be willing to house you. If you/and or your group plan on coming early we have a special trip planned!
Since our 2012 event is during the winter and in the beginning of January we will be adjusting our tour to making the following trips:
Nintendo World
Times Square Ball Drop
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree/Ice Skating
Union Square
For more information see our site.
Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via our site, or by leaving a comment here! We’re keeping close watch on player suggestions, so if you have a voice, use it!

We’re so very excited to have the event grow in such a massive way this year! The fighting game community and the Smash community have been estranged for too long! The biggest names in competitive fighting games will be in attendance to bring the world one of the most hyped events of all time. Apex 2012-- You have to be there.

Be sure to tune into both:
8-on-the-Break stream, every Tuesday at 9pm EST
Wednesday Night Fights, every Wednesday at 9pm PST

GameUnderGround MAASSSAAACHUUSEETTSSS Framingham Tues/Fri
Portland and Southern Maine- Make It Happen!
Next Level Arcade, NYC
Orange/Rockland County NY
CT Thread | Weekly Thursdays 7pm Fire & Dice Games Milford CT
Matador Video Thread

We are excited to help bring an awesome fighting games event to Rutgers University!


Ahh Rutgers, my old stomping grounds. I’ll be in for sure.


HYYYYYYPE!!! I’m so in there! Can’t wait to see what technology everyone will have for the first Ultimate Tournament of the New Year!


I’ll def be here :smiley:


No matter what the turn out its $500 bonus pot per game?


Yes it will be guaranteed.




I’m excited


Thank you all for your support especially Local Battles for working with us on this historic event.


failed there once, i guess i can fail there again.


Is there going to be room for side tourneys? I’m one of those assholes who want to play KOF 13.


We have roughly 10,000 Sq/ft, Gimnbo. We should have at least the room for one setup, pending you bring it. We don’t have time to organize a KOF tourney as well, so if you wanna run a side event, you’re more than welcome to so long as everyone is registered.


This is so HYPE :wink: You know I’ll be there and taking names! In Marvel and Brawl, so if anyone wanna money match, just pm me or post!


I assume that you guys have the MPR?




We have the Rutger’s Student Center’s Auxiliary rooms. Two adjacent rooms, each measuring over 5,000 sq/ft


Short answer yes we have the multi purpose room but we also have the room next to it :).


Mad hyped.



Maybe I’ll practice for other games too, lol.