[Jan 6, 2012] APEX 2012! New Brunswick, NJ! $500 pot bonus per event! (New Brunswick, NJ)


Is every event going to be streamed? I really want to see Melee.


Every event ( specifically Sunday ) will be streamed by Jaxel.


this is definitely going to be sicker than your average tournament.


Yes. For Friday and Saturday, we’ll have two streams goign so you’re not limited to what you would like to watch. Sunday’s schedule is going to provide every round of every title’s top 8.




Updated housing and registration!

DMG on Board!


i will def be there!


MAGfest is the same weekend, so no way in hell I’m going to this.


im hyped for this one

R U Hungry: Da Salty Runback


Magfest is a convention for Music and gaming, whereas we’re completely dedicated to bringing the FGC the biggest tourney we possibly can.

Also, we have some major updates coming over the next few weeks, so make sure you stay tuned. We have sponsor announcements, contests, and a slew of new info coming your way!


Teaming with Level UP to bring you guys an even greater Apex! Be sure to check the main post for new details, and check out WNF’s season finale TONIGHT @ www.twitch.tv/leveluplive



Socal is taking home singles! WC do work and the rest of the world be sure to make the last MK banned national something worth remembering~!




Thanks everyone for the support I cannot wait to see everyone there.


The $500 dollar bonus pot for each game is legit.


Can’t wait to enter Ultimate here. :smiley:


Just to let everyone know we will be having players from all over the world at this event. Players from Japan , Europe, Canada, and other countries. We cannot wait to see you all there.

Also for those curious we will be doing UMVC3 and AE2012 on Xbox and MK9 Will be on Ps3


We’re going to have more partnership and sponsorship announcements in the next week! Stick around, it’s only getting bigger! Don’t forget, registration links are up, and venue fee will in crease the closer we get to the date. Register early!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment, or send me a PM!


Bifuteki joins the fray! Bifuteki is going to be streaming on Saturday, including the top 8 of MK9!

This group of streamers out of New York are some of the most dedicated guys in the business. Make sure to check them out at http://www.bifuteki.com/

More information coming your way by Wednesday! We still have a few sponsors to unveil, so make sure you’re keeping up! Also, tweet @apex_series with the hashtag #apex2012 for your chance to win free venue fee!


Been quite awhile since I’ve entered an actual tournament, but I’ve been training alot and I’m really excited for this. Ultimate is going to be so hype. PEOPLE GET ON THIS!

The New Jersey Thread, Roc Boys in the building(get money) v.2.83