[Jan 6, 2012] APEX 2012! New Brunswick, NJ! $500 pot bonus per event! (New Brunswick, NJ)


hey guys let me know if u need any help. i live like 5 mins from new brunswick

would love to help run sf4 bracketsss


Nick, we just opened up volunteer spots. Check this thread: http://apexsmash.com/volunteer/

Copy the stuff at the bottom, and PM me here.


We are so in there!

We are excited to be part of this event. I want to thank Apex for allowing us to be part of this GDLK event.

Here is a tidbit of who from DMG will be attending.

Slob Murph
Myself (Laughinghyena)

Waiting on confirmation:
Rico Suave

Plus we might a couple of surprises to share with everyone. So stayed tune!!!




Nice to see that APEX is branching off from Smash.


This is something we wanted to do last time, but we didn’t have the support or the funds to make it happen! This year, thanks to people like Local Battles, DMG, vVv, Level|up and a whole bunch more, we broke the ground we wanted to!

And trust me, we won’t squander the faith being put into us. This is going to be massive.


[*]It is all about timing. This year, thanks to DMBrandon, we have the ability to reach those people involved in the fighting game community. We are confident that this will help make the event better than its ever been.

In other news I have sent a message to Poongko to see if he is interested in coming.


It’d be pretty sweet if Rico Suave ended up going, he was one of my favorite players back in the days of Vanilla SF4 and Seb/Chris Hu commentary

Also if Poongko confirms I’m probably going to grind my way through Korean lessons. Was already planning on it for SC2/MLG next year but I’ll definitely speed the process up if Poongko goes.


instructional dvd for coat service hopefuls


As a RU student, I’m totally down to get my ass handed to me!


one person has signed up for AE so far?


most registrations are going to be done last minute. last day even

I personally know 4 other people, not including myself, entering AE and UMVC3


Most people in the NJ/NY area avoid pre reg when they have to, even at a cost to them. Idky. lol.

We’re expecting at least 128 for each game, as per the feed back we’ve gotten.


just registered for ultimate and ae




I’m selling smash, ssf4, and mvc3 artwork at this. Come and reserve your pieces before I’m soldout!


Registration prices go up by 5$ on the 29th, so pre-register now! Also, we have plans for more special appearances, more game demos, and more prizes to be given away in the coming weeks! This is going to be a massive event with plenty of new sponsors strutting their stuff. Top players and hopeful randoms should be ready to show what they’ve got for a chance to help further their Fighting Game careers.


Whats up everyone. My name is AirbrushKing and I will be sponsoring some customized airbrush apex bags as prizes for Apex 2012. To everyone that is asking, the alex strife bag can be customized however you like. That is just an example of how a setup bag looks once its customized. Both bags are limited edition so order online now before they are all gone. To order visit http://airbrushking.net/shop/specials.html and click on the bag you want to order. If you want something custom, visit http://airbrushking.net/shop/price-quote.html and fill out the form. A representative will contact you shortly to follow up with your order. If you have any questions, send me a message or email me at info@airbrushking.net . This event is going to be one of the hypest events of 2012 so lets go Apex!
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those look pretty fuckin hype


dang mannn… im breaking my bank to get here, but Its kinda good that i wont have any money or else Id go broke buying all this swagtastic stuff that all these people are bringing.