[Jan 6, 2012] APEX 2012! New Brunswick, NJ! $500 pot bonus per event! (New Brunswick, NJ)


I’m pretty much in there. Going to see who else from New England will be interested.

What kind of TVs/monitors will you be using? And are you going to run the tournament using pools?


This may be interesting to attend…hopefully I can get the time off


Hmmmmm… Philly might be there. Maybe.


I believe the monitors/TVs will be provided by Local Battles, so whatever they have at their venue (I’ll check Saturday since I’m hosting a tournament there). There will be pools if there are more than 128 entrants, otherwise not.


Cool. Thanks for the response!


if anyone from philly is going please hit me up i would love to make it out for this… ill take off today from work just in case


SoCal Regionals in less than a week! Top 8 players will receive top 8 seeds for AE, MK, and UMvC3. #levelup


Xbox or PS3 for Ultimate?


xbox unfortunately.


well good thing I ordered that PS2-X360 converter. I pray to god it works.


Any word on those monitors?

Xbox 360 runs all of the latest fighters better than Playstation 3. The problem is that most majors (and some local tournaments) are on PS3, so we have to switch back and forth between systems, which is difficult because the different versons of the games feel different (in various ways). Additionally, the pads (for those who play on them), controller switching, and general dependability of the PS3 are superior. Ah well.

If it’s the Xtokki converter, then you’re in there.


Oh shit, I completely forgot to check the type of monitors Local Battles has. I’ll just contact them instead.


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I just ordered it with fastest possible shipping. Though now I won’t be using money for the rest of this holiday season, I think it’ll be worth it.


I need to make sure I meet you so we can be awesome and talk about how garbage the xbox controller is.

Also, I was told there would be a couple Xbox -playstation converters present at the event. I dont have the cash to buy my own but ill definitely put a deposit of some sort down for the weekend if the organizers have them.


Indeed we should meet up and discuss the failness of the 360 pad. (For shooters though its A-OK)
Lost my 2nd tournament because I was forced to play 360 pad. This won’t happen again.


I think that happened to me at my third tournament lol. Xbox controller was clearly made specifically for halo. Its super legit for that. But its pretty fail sauce for fighters. Where as ps was made for fighters and platformers it feels like.


Does the price increase on Dec. 17 @ Midnight or Dec. 18 @ Midnight? It says the 17th on the Apex facebook page and it says the 18th on the apex registration website.


I think it goes up at the end of Saturday night.


Registration fee will increase TONIGHT, technically, right after 11:59 P.M.