[Jan 6, 2012] APEX 2012! New Brunswick, NJ! $500 pot bonus per event! (New Brunswick, NJ)


My mistake then.


we in like flynn


Congrats to the top 8 of SoCal regionals! You guys will be seeded as top 8 for Apex2012. (Huge congrats to Justin for the win. Those sets in LF and GF were amazing!)

If AE and Marvel both get 100 pre-regged, the pot bonus has a chance to increase to at least 750! So, hit up apexsmash.com and REGISTER!


I’m interested in attending. Any way I can provide modding services at the tourny?


Gunmo, check your inbox. Everyone else, get hyped.


if gummo provides modding services here im first in line


I’ll be arriving friday. I’ll be setup on sat and sun all day.First come first serve.

I can also build ps2->360 converters if anyone is interested.


This reminds me. Should I get the necessary practice time before this event comes. I would like to money match every member of LB in mvc.


In case you aren’t aware, this tournament is being run by ALEX STRIFE, who RAN AWAY WITH A MAJOR POT at Web2Zone a few years back, effectively SEVERING the communities connection with that business and he was BLACKLISTED by the community from ever running tournaments ever again. Why is this tournament NOT blacklisted, and why did he run to Level|Up instead of Spooky to stream it? Because Spooky would remember the bullshit he pulled on the community.


Can I get the bag customized ‘“I slapped my girlfriend” -Alex Strife’ ???


What? Alex Strife has not even ran a non-smash game major before. and local battles is running the fighting games for this event. I think you got your Alex Strife’s mixed up bro

And spooky has already said on a Big Two stream that he wouldn’t be able to make it


First of all, the stolen money was a rumor, and nothing more. Web 2 zone and Alex got in an argument (mainly because the owner was a scumbag.) and Alex quit that night. When he quit, he left behind all of his stuff and went home. The owner never pressed charges, either, because alex never did anything wrong. that, and it wasn’t a major pot. It was exactly $165 the owner pocketed.

As for the community’s ties being severed, you’re wrong again. They continued to run things there and pots disappeared ALL THE TIME. Same happened with Melee, and a few other things.

Second, I am running the FGC stuff,.with Local battles and Bifuteki. Level up isn’t even streaming it. Alex Valle and I teamed up for cross promotions to hype of of our events. Either way, Jaxel is running the stream for Sunday. We asked him because he’s a friend of ours, a friend who happens to have amazing stream quality. Spooky spammed the rumor about Alex, so he wasn’t going to run it. We invited him to attend, either way, to bury the hatchet. Whether he takes the invitation or not is of little concern to me.

Lastly, anyone who spams my thread with bullshit will be reported. If you don’t have the facts, then you’re just looking for a reason to hear yourself talk. Stop involving yourselves in drama. Drama that (one) isn’t true and (two) has the chance to hurt a major. Alex ran the smash side last year, with no issue. Thousands and thousands of dollars. This year we already have 500 people pre registered. (Something no tournament besides Evo and MLG has ever done. These pre reg’s are PAID IN FULL.) Come to the event, and see what phenomenal hosts we are. This is going to be amazing.


Ill be there.


We have 522 people pre registered and paid for! We might be looking at close to a thousand entrants! GET HYPED.


Will it cost me extra if I sign up at the venue?


Nope. 30$ at the door for venue, no increases.


Are we able to park for free anywhere?


Directly behind the venue is about 450 spots that we’re able to use!


We already have over 50 people paid for in Marvel, with at leave 75 coming to register at the door! Street Fighter is likely to break 100 as well! MK9, with the help of the Kombat Network is going to be just as massive. First place in Marvel is going to be close to 2k, easily. Get hyped!


interest for kof13 side tourney, PM me!

also…my friends and i are very capable of recording moneymatches/casuals in ae, umvc3, etc during tourney afterhours right in new brunswick (we live here and we have cars!!!)