[Jan 6, 2012] APEX 2012! New Brunswick, NJ! $500 pot bonus per event! (New Brunswick, NJ)


How much as they???


Question: Since this is part of Road to EVO Tournament, HOW come APEX Doesn’t SUPPORT an EVO Game like King of Fighters 13?


a little too late. i asked for interest in the fb thread for a kof side tourney and all i got was “i dont play and i wouldnt enter, but yeah im interested”

might still happen if there are people willing to enter on site.


Happy to see the smash community and the fighting game community getting along for some events.


Is this the schedule?

Or is the schedule here?

Street Fighter starts at 1 on Saturday, corect?


Day 1 photos are up: http://robertpaul.smugmug.com/Events/APEX-2012/Day-1/

And if that’s tl;dr there’s a much smaller best-of gallery: http://robertpaul.smugmug.com/Events/APEX-2012/Best-Of/


Can’t wait for AE to start at 1pm…wait what?


Putting aside from the obvious delays and venue issues, those HP monitors were F*kn terrible.


Monitors were fine IMO. Some of the delays that could have been avoided had to do with bracket setup, but a lot of crap happened that was somewhat out of their hands. Yeah it sucked waiting for longer than usual, but I still thanked the staff for working really hard. It was interesting to see the Smash community play.

One thing I really like about this venue is that there’s a crapload of chairs and couches, and its really easy to find somewhere good to sit if you want.


Great Marvel gameplay. Why were the Smashers against any hype of the games? Or was that not true?


monitors were awful, tournaments should never be on xbox, and yes the way the event was ran was just awful. nevermind that people had laptops there to use… noone had the mindset to make paper brackets and have people run various sets ups that way. just awful but hey smash seem to run amazing right… just a fucking joke of a tournament. there i vented i feel better


I don’t even remember the last time I’ve seen a tournament run on paper brackets. And Xbox has been proven to be the superior choice for Marvel so there’s no frame drops.


every tournament is ran on ps3 for majors and nec winter brawl and summer jam gets brackets on paper and have the computer just to add them in for bracket making not to actually run the tournament


The Cannons have already said it is up to the tournament organizer to choose which console to run the game on. Not all of them are on the PS3. The tournaments you see with PS3s have said about a hundred times since the games were released that the only reason they’re still on PS3 is because they don’t want to go out and buy all those 360s. The frame drops have been known for some time but organizers don’t want to drop the cash for the other console and just play it out.

As for paper brackets, there is software readily available that lets you swap people in and out like it ain’t no thang. It’s even MORE convenient to use but not everyone uses it. Then they cry when shit like this happens.


Yeah, it wasn’t run well, but it was honestly on par with all the other East coast majors I’ve been to. Apex ain’t the only one that needs to step up their game.
On the plus side, there were lots of setups and lots of time for casuals before the tournament started.

I would like to hear an official account of what the hell happened though. Who was supposed to be running things? Who was the staff that “quit” and why? How did it impact the tournament? (Did they take the brackets with them or wtf?)


I do appreciate that DMBrandon did his best to remedy the situation after day one. Yeah, the brackets were handled poorly and the layout of the room wasn’t the greatest in the world, but everyone was REALLY apologetic about it and they tried to remedy the situation, which I do appreciate.

They also dont even need to use paper brackets; there were a few people there that go to Rutgers and were ready to run a bracket. shrugs


Man, how many entrants were in Mortal Kombat? I heard that half of the players got Evo points.
Hell. I feel like I would have had a chance at points at Apex. :stuck_out_tongue:


I heard around 30 or so.


I don’t know what’s wrong with the East coast tournament scene. Is it like this everwhere? 40 beans to enter a 1pm start time, tournament, where my first game wasn’t until 730? Shit is ridiculous. Mind you the setup (physical) was the best.

It’s absurd that when you announce “ae is on hold” that people can’t play casuals on 8 or so empty stations while we wait for marvel.

What bugged me the most was what I overheard. Sanford yelling at the folks running it, not the fact of he was yelling but I heard kdz say " i have to say its ok for you ( sanford) to get moved into my bracket". So people were getting moved around the brackets? What kind of shit is that? Mid way through a tournament even? I don’t know the outcome, but either way, the fact it was even discussed is shady.

Once things got moving as always it was smooth. Monitors were a tiddy bit laggy, but not unplayable by any means. I didn’t have any trouble owning noel browns balrog with deejay (oooooooooooooooh lol) and then losing to his Vega via time out (ooooooooo lol gg noel no salt). It didn’t seem to have much effect on k brads cammy links (gg).

Nec moved pools to day 2,but day2 was very smooth, and pools were posted on walls which is nice. Ect was a cramped mess. At least apex had loooooooots of room to sit around and be bored for 6 hours.

If I was there alone, I would have demanded a refund and left. Ect, nec, and apex are my first majors experience, and right now, i much prefer the smaller, less bull s format of 8 on the break. I may never become a well known deejay player that I hope to be, but at this point, even if I had the talent, im not sure it would be worth the “majors” hassle. Im not looking for reasons or excuses, as i honestly believe the remaining staff did there best but…

Seriously get it together, and bracket shenanigans, well that’s a whole nother beast.


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How many people showed up for MvC or SFIV? Showed like 32 people on the website.