Jane n Finch in the 209

This is da new 209 thread! Since Chucky Akenz regulated on my nigga Korngo lol jk I decided to open a thread since Korngo closed his thread so I decided to take it from him! Jus to let everyone kno I, Chucky Akenz will not be regulating as hard since I opened this thread. So everyone who was postn in the old 209, ur free to post.

so everybody lets continue where we left off lol

I know you are, IN CVS2 HAHAHAHA

I’m trying to get some online MvC2 matches in on ps3.

If you down to play add me PSN:Number1sh4rk

Sup with this weekend guys! Snake lab 4 sure trying to get on that MvC2 crack! Ty!! Snake!! Blackheart!!
Khan?? (6 Month CvS2 Match is way past due lol!)

Snakes room is like a joystick graveyard… like 4 joysticks and all of them fucked up! Chong we need you to take a look at these! Anyone lol?

yea right i whooped dat ass in cvs2 wit a broken pad lol but yea its koo but ive been hella busy wit two jobs nigga but im locked ina cage wit no key lol jk but im more than happy to accomedate u on that cvs2 wenever i get the chance

aye im bouta talk this dumb kid into dropping 3 bills on a mm in near future

so yeah someone put some bread up n get at me ahaha

chuckydude man you are troll of the year ahahaha

rap battle my patna for 2 bills

serious business ima get fair judges and shit goes down everybody make side bets

haha damn right im troll of the year lol

Chucky Akenz lol

all i have to say is mvc3 baby!!!

nah nevermind youz bitch of the year

n u sir homo r a *** who suks on sagats pp but dont trip he’s thai so he doesnt have a big one. but it doesnt stop u hoe-mo wifi from lovin it :looney:

chuky man you gotta stop sucking blackharts dick man

or should i say your own dick ahaha

square bear

Naw ders only two things I suck on n dats tits n clits. So tell ur mom to get undressed for me

chucky you hella lame for that bruh not even finna say something back

aye who going to mvc3 thang on thursday in the sco?

im pretty sure ima be there yall should go register @ gamespot.com click on the forums and find the community page to enter

aye if you aint trollin you aint shit

done posting tho yall are dumbass boring


I tried not to troll in this thread but o’well how about ur face in my ass or how about my ass in ur face u choose hoe. but wat do u think about evil ryu and oni akuma not to take n e thing away from yun and yang? :wonder: