Janemba Thread - The underrated Demon

I created this as I couldn’t see anything already existing on this character.

When he first dropped I instantly took a liking to him, he just seems so much fun. I still think to this day that his potential isn’t being fully realised and would be good to know if there are any other Janemba players out there? If so share your gameplay tips and tricks and what you like best about the character.

For people new to the character I’ll post the three beginner videos I found really useful

Rooflemonger Janemba Tips & Tricks

RathFGC Janemba Guide

This video taken from YogaFlame24 YouTube Channel. This is pre season 3, but I think you can still get a great idea as to how they can be used. I find seeing really good players use a character can help you build your own approach as you tend to spot things in someone else’s play style you wouldn’t have thought about doing before.