Janet Jackson slaps niece Paris as (Michael Jackson) family feud descends to violence


[LEFT][FONT=Arial]Jackson Family drama[/FONT][/LEFT]
[][LEFT]Janet ‘storms house’ ****with brothers Jermaine and Randy ****in ‘bid to remove three children’[/LEFT]
][LEFT]Footage shows singer attempting to snatch Paris’ cell phone[/LEFT]
[][LEFT]Janet accused of slapping her niece and calling her a 'spoiled little b*’**[/LEFT]
[][LEFT]Paris reportedly screams: 'This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f out!" :lol: **[/LEFT]
[][LEFT]Cops called to family home following physical fight between extended Jackson family[/LEFT]
][LEFT]Feud erupted over Michael Jackson’s disputed $500m will, which leaves everything to the children and nothing to his siblings[/LEFT]
[][LEFT]Matriarch Katherine has not been in contact with grandchildren for nine days after her children took her to Arizona and cut off her phone access[/LEFT]
][LEFT]Lawyer for Michael Jackson’s children claims they ‘aren’t safe’ around Jackson family[/LEFT]
[*][LEFT]Marlon Jackson gives a tearful interview - and claims he has been cut-off from contacting his mother[/LEFT]
I’m suprised Michael left nothing in his will for the rest of his family, it never occurred to me that he hated any of them except for his dad.


Damn so the fight over 500M is on the way! I might as well file for custody as well, shit, everyone else is lol


All this violence involving the Jackson’s and Joe’s not involved?



Tito wants to get PAID

edit: that was a slap???


im not surprised that mj would fuck over his fam. if its true about the brothers all having sex in front of mike when he was hella young. everyone helped scar his mind…no one in that family is innocent.


Yeah Janet and co., you didn’t think Michael was aware on that level did you? Just like with Sony and most everything else, I’m sure he saw through what was goin’ on. It’s all about the $


She just screwed up her career.


nah, its a normal family thing. lol…their in a black family…they knew it’d happen eventually.


since his death Michael has paid of all of his debts, he doesnt owe anyone money.


wait WHAT?

Don’t even get me started. She has no career. I remember many many many years ago (back in '02), when FARK and SomethingAwful decided to fuck with the voting for People Magazine’s entertainer of the year. Somebody in the know tipped off the sites that Britney Spears had already “won”, and that Entertainer of the Year = dude who paid the most $$$ to People Mag. So since People was having an online vote, they got together and voted for Wil Wheaton, and Richard Kyanka as entertainers of the year. After those two won, People declared neither of them entertainers (even though Wil is a fucking actor, and Kyanka runs a very entertaining website). However, cat was out of the bag, and Britney obviously couldn’t win it after it was clearly spoiled.

So Janet fucking Jackson, who at the time had ZERO albums released, ZERO concerts, ZERO movies, and ZERO public appears for the ENTIRE FUCKING YEAR, won Entertainer of the Year, and as a young man I begun to fucking hate the world.


yeah a few jackson documentries have covered this. One of the reasons michael grew up so fucked up was the fact when the j5 would go on tour. the brothers would bring girls back to the tour bus and be fuckin bitches in front of mj when he was still super young…well young for the 60/70’s lol.


Man, thread title reads like a tabloid. I mean…I can understand why…its just…damn…that’s cheesy.

Hurray for vicarious living!


This still-developing story is sure to be a thriller!!!


Yeah…families beat each other up sometimes. 500M left to teenagers and tweens is gonna cause a few scraps, big deal.


People Mag? thats a media hype mag… ya’ll crazy, Janet still making money off her “control” album, she worth 150M NET. she has discography’s of albums. some of you sound like Nymphos for this media BS…


oh well…

[LEFT][SIZE=4]Katherine Jackson’s custody of grandchildren SUSPENDED as trio’s cousin TJ takes charge after court hearing[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[]TJ becomes tearful as he describes strange phone call with Katherine
]Judge awards him temporary guardianship of Prince, Paris and Blanket
[]He will now have access to $500m estate to care for his cousins
]Katherine’s lawyer will file motion to reinstated her as guardian upon return
[]‘Katherine finally spoke with her grandchildren last night after 10 days’
]Randy Jackson reveals his mother is coming home to LA from Arizona
[*][LEFT][SIZE=3]Katherine Jackson’s guardianship of her three grandchildren has just been suspended following a court hearing.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=3]Prince, 15, Paris, 14, and Blanket, 10 - the children of the late Michael Jackson - will now be cared for by their 34-year-old cousin TJ for the time being, who has just been awarded temporary custody of the trio.[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=3]It comes as Katherine is believed to be returning home to Los Angeles after 10 days away in Arizona.[/SIZE][/LEFT]

[LEFT][SIZE=3]TJ’s in, Katherine’s out: Katherine Jackson has had her guardianship of her three grandchildren suspended while their cousin TJ has been awarded temporary custody[/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT]Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2178866/Katherine-Jacksons-custody-grandchildren-SUSPENDED-trios-cousin-TJ-takes-charge-court-hearing.html#ixzz21fLKjCbD[/LEFT]


Wait, his kid’s name is Blanket?
I thought that was just a nickname…
OH MY GUT! :rofl:

Of course they’re fighting for that money, gotta support their hobbies somehow since they haven’t been relevant since J5.


The worst part of any death is dealing with the estate.


Me while this goes down = :coffee:


hey, some bitches need slap


i’m not sure how mj supposedly “fucked his family over” by not giving them any of the money that he amassed damn near entirely on his own.