January 18th 2014 Sacramento, CA - CFD and Norcal Battle Royale Sacramento Qualifer!



We are starting off the new year with an awesome event! We are hosting the team qualifier for the 2nd Norcal Battle Royale for Super Street Fighter IV AE2012.

Participating players will play each other in a huge Round Robin tournament, and will fight for a place to be on our regions team. The top 3 players will be on Sacramento’s A team, and 4th through 6th place will be on the B team. After all of the regions in NorCal finish their qualifiers, then all of the teams will meet up for a team tournament announced at a later time. **** The pot for this tournament will be collected and will be added to the bigger pot at the Norcal Battle Royale Finals*****

If you aren’t interested in competing in the AE qualifier tournament, then you are more than welcome to sign up for the Marvel, Inustice, and KI tournaments!

Since we are hosting the event at Skybox Grill and Bar in Sacramento, they will give registered players a 10% of all food and non-alcoholic beverages. They have great burgers, appetizers, and CHICKEN AND WAFFLES!!!


SSFIVAE 2012[360]
-Round Robin. Everyone will play each other 2/3 matches. Every match won is a point. For example, if the score is 2-1 then player A gets 2 points and player B gets 1 point.
-Character locked.

UMvC3 [360]
-double elim.
-3/5 for all matches
-loser can change team

Injustice [PS3]
-double elim
-2/3 rounds 3/5 for finals
-if you are not using the default layout, please do not use preset 1 to customize your layout
-loser can change character
-first game random select stage. Loser can counterpick stage

There will be pads and possibly sticks available. Please be courteous with other players controllers.
-double elim
-2/3 rounds 3/5 for finals

Where: Skybox Bar and Grill 2110 L ST, Sacramento
When: Registration starts @ 11am and Brackets start @ 1pm

Registration: $10
Tournament fee: $5 per tournament
Payout: 70/20/10 for top 3 (excludes AE NBR qualifier)

Stream provided by either Capitol Fight District

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I’m there


two people on the way to rock Mahvel, baybee.

See you there!


Hey everyone! We have some good news and some bad news for our event this weekend.

First, we will start with the bad news. The owner of the Skybox has advised us that they will not be opened this weekend due to internal reasons. With that said, we unfortunately have to postpone the tournament and the NorCal Battle Royale qualifier.

Now to the good news… The owner told us that he really enjoyed having us there, and he will make sure that it will be open next Saturday for us. That means that we will have our event on the 18th!

One more thing. We really need help with setups. We would love to have a lot of 360 setups, but we can make with what we get. To help us get the setups that we need, we will be offering 2 incentives:

  1. We will waive the $10 registration fee if you bring a full setup (console, lag free monitor, game)

  2. We will issue out raffle tickets to the people who bring setups, and we will buy dinner for 2 (maybe 3) chosen at random from the tickets.

We are so so sorry about this, and we hope that we will see you all on 18th!


Last minute update: We spoke with the guys who are organizing the Norcal Battle Royale earlier today, and they have decided to hold the tournament for after USF4 and EVO. With that being said, tomorrow’s AE tourney will not be a round-robin qualifer for NBR. Instead, we will be running a double elimation bracket and top 3 will pay out 70%/20%/10%.


WTF SF AE 360 only?