[January 19, 2013] So Cal Regionals 2013 SSF2T Tournament


ST Revival will be running the Super Street Fighter II: Turbo tournament at So Cal Regionals 2013 on January 19, 2013 in Irvine, CA.


Supergun + CRT monitors


Super Turbo will be a featured official game so all players will need to register through the So Cal Regionals website or register on-site.

Standard Registration (until-Jan.6): $35 registration fee, plus $10 per game.
Late Registration (Jan.7 – Jan.13): $45 registration fee, plus $10 per game.
On-Site Registration(Jan 18 Only!): $55 registration fee, plus $10 per game.

Registration Link


1st: 65%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 10%
4th: 5%


ST Revival TwitchTV Channel

More Information:

So Cal Regionals SRK Discussion Thread With more detailed information about SCR2013.
So Cal Regionals SRK ST Tournament Discussion Thread
So Cal Regionals Official Facebook Page

ST Revival:


Level Up:


Special thanks to Alex Valle and Level|Up for including ST and allowing us to run it at SCR2013!


Will this be a qualifier for ToL 2013?


Are you running logistics, or are DG&V?


Is there any way to hook a ps3 controller up to a super gun? I have no idea what a super gun is is why im asking.


I think playstation 2 controllers work.


We’re working on it…


Alex Valle has announced that MadCatz will be sponsoring SCR 2013 and will be providing a Street Fighter x Tekken PS3 stick to the winner of the ST tournament!

1st Place ST – Street Fighter x Tekken Arcade Fightstick V.S. Edition (PS3)


Also, we (STR) will be announcing our plans for EVO this year, hopefully in a couple of weeks. SCR’s results will be tied in to EVO.


Can’t wait for the stream. Good luck to everyone who is entering the tournament.


The SCR 2013 ST tournament is this Saturday, starting at 12PM PST! We will be streaming the tournament via the STR Twitch TV channel. (Note: we had issues with the wi-fi at UC Irvine last year but have been told that it should not be a problem this year. If so, we will record the matches and stream it ASAP.)

Here is the pool schedule for Saturday: ST: Pool 1 12pm-2pm, Pool 2 2PM-4PM, Pool 3, 4PM-6PM, Pool 4

SCR’s results will be tied into EVO and we will be announcing our plans for EVO at the beginning of February.


I’ve heard there will be qualifiers all around the world. Winners get the trip, and it’s OG (i.e., Greek) Olympics style: winners get a lifetime of glory, praise and stuff. You won’t have to work anymore, ever, if you win.

Instead of a Bob Sagat/James Chen/NKI video before the tournament, a SF4 player will be sacrificed to our joy.


Apologies for the stream not being up. :frowning: We’re having internet and hardware issues (we tried troubleshooting for over an hour) but we are recording matches.

Pool A - Shotosallday (winners) and Jason Cole (losers) advance to Top 8 finals.
Pool B - Alex Valle (winners) and kuroppi (losers) advance to Top 8 finals.


Pool C - EG fLoE (winners) and DGV (losers) advance to Top 8 finals.


Pool D brackets: http://challonge.com/str2013st_pool4


Pool D - MuffinMan (winners) and Digital Infamy (losers) advance to Top 8 finals.


Top 8 FInals will begin at 6PM PST.


Pool brackets:

TOP 8: http://challonge.com/str2013st_finals (starting at 6PM PST)

Pool A: http://challonge.com/str2013st_pool1
Pool B: http://challonge.com/str2013st_pool2
Pool C: http://challonge.com/str2013st_pool3
Pool D: http://challonge.com/str2013st_pool4


Thanks for the coverage!


Alex Valle defeats DGV to win SCR 2013!


Wow, congrats to Valle for taking it.


Top 8 videos are uploaded: (Please note there is no sound.)