January 23, 2010: At The Buzzer SFIV Tournament 3rd Edition: Boston, Massachusetts

Tournament Flyer


At The Buzzer Presents: XBOX360 SFIV Tournament 3rd Edition

Saturday January 23, 2010. Doors open at 11:30 AM. Tournament starts at 12:30PM.

$15 Pot Fee, $5 Venue Fee.
1st Prize: 70% of pot
2nd Prize: 20% of pot
3rd Prize: 10% of pot

At The Buzzer
81 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA 02134
617 783 2899

For more information please log onto:


Previous Champs: May 2009: Nestor, October 2009: BRN, January 2010: ???

Previous Champ BRN took home $300 last time!

I’m down, everyone in NE go to this!

Hosts run it really smoothly and it’s a good time.

I was too lazy to wake up for the last one, but I’ll try my best to make it to this one.

Just SF4?

looking to combine mvc2 as well?


still hyped for this as usual

I took the liberty of requesting to have this event on the SRK Tournament calendar :smiley:

I will be there!!!
have to relearn how to play again

its good to finally have a tourney on the horizon, its been pretty guiet since NEC

I’ll be there and free as always.

10 More Days!!


I’m excited to see whether I’ve gotten any better since GU. I know I mentioned it last time, but I think the rules should state that you can’t pause the game to distract your opponent at all. If you do so then you forfeit the round and it ends by time out.

I’m pretty sure it’s an unspoken rule that a pause during the game is a forfeit. Unless of course, you’re in an ultra and dead anyways (some people just hit it by habit when in an ultra) or if both parties agree it was okay.

The most horrible part is that I’ll be in boston the weekend AFTER this event. so bummed :frowning: but I’ll be looking out for your next event. Are there any other events going down in the boston area the weekend after?

still hyped for this, hope as many heads come out at possible!

youguys should use the new tornamento system to run it

Yea, if you have an internet connection in the store use http://www.tonamento.com it’s amazing and easy to use.

edit: woops, i forgot the o -_- thanks hbrd haha

^ tonamentO.com**

Is it an issue to bring my wireless stick? It’s all I got, and I’d rather not play on a pad.

hey guy i’m planing to go to this, but i don’t have 360 stick, can i use somebody’s for the tour?