January Grand Master Monthly Results

I am waiting for the BB results from Stickbug. I will post then when I get them. BTW shout out to Damdai for the kickass bracket server.

SC4: 11 players

  1. Woahzz
  2. Ramon
  3. Sporko
  4. InsaneKhent
  5. Rigel
  6. Bibulus
  7. 350z
  8. ZeroEffect
  9. Bashar Tihir
  10. Hubbs
  11. Malice

Tekken 6: 8 people

  1. MagnetoX
  2. Nas
  3. Mars Gatti
  4. Jerome
  5. Dr Chaos
  6. Bashar Tahir
  7. Anthony
  8. Sean

SF4 : 31 people

1 Demon Hyo
2 Skye
3 Dr. Chaos
4 Damien “damdai” Dailidenas
5 Dave D.
5 MagnetoX
7 Kazi
7 Kattermari
9 Philly-One
9 The Strangla
9 Nick Nasty
9 Marsgatti
13 Fight Club Hubbs
13 JD
13 Pompus Puff
13 Patrick “NAGOO” Nguyen
17 Sir Kanchi
17 Rick M.
17 Nas
17 Spektrum
17 Mynd Gamez
17 Doctr Flipz
17 Bacchus
17 Houtori
25 Cronux
25 GFX
25 Reaper
25 Bashar Tahir Jr.
25 Eric “Big E” Small
25 Dusty Feets
25 Mike Benson

Blazblue: 10 people

1: LordKnight (Jin)
2: Nas (Jin)
3: Bacchus (Tager/v13)
4: Bashar Tahir
5: HuBBs
5: Mars Gattia
7: Eronios
7: Chaos Breaker
9: Bakuryu
9: Sean

Again I’m glad I was able to participate. Shoutouts go to

Kattermari: GODFUCKING DAMMIT you took me out last time and I was SO FUCKING close to getting my revenge this time:mad:. I feel like I’ve improved in the Rufus/Chun matchup alot though. Good shit to you man. If I can get a ride then I’ll definitely hit up your Biweeklys.

Damdai: Thanks for the Ken/Viper experience. It was cool getting to play you since you live in Manhattan. Congrats on your placing.

MagnetoX: Good shit man. All your hard work payed off this tourney huh lol. Your Viper is so serious.

Philly-One: I felt completely helpless when I played your Cammy. Her offensive options are ridiculous against Chun. Thanks for the casuals.

Hubbs: GG on our tourney set. You’ll download my Boxer one of these days:rofl:

Eric: Thanks again for the great tourney experience. Your matches against Philly-One’s Abel were hilarious.

Hope to see you guys at Winter Brawl.

Good tournament and cool chillen with everyone. Atlantic City ownz all… lol

QUICK HIT PLATINUM and wheel of fortune!

Did you go give AC your tournament money. Lol lol.

GGs to everyone I’ve played. I wasn’t focused enough to go far. Oh well

Nice Tourney, ha long drive from Indiana but we’ll all definitely be back one of these days

Great tourney by Hubbs and Big E. I am happy I won my first match in Tekken Yay!

Also Special Thanks to Damdai for showing up.

Cool glad you guys made it out:). I hope you guys can come back out to gvn winter brawl.

as usual, thanks to mike of gamerdoc, hubbs, and eric for another great tourny. special thanks to damdai who made the trip to show off his tonamento program. next time lets get some 3s in there :wgrin:

Great Tourney again Big E and Hubbs, things went smooth and it was fun. Shouts to everyone I had a few casuals with, thanks to Kattermari for the couple tips on the rufus matchup, and BGs to the Gamer Doc employee who tried to straight gas us out with the compressed air lol… not cool. Good Stuff everyone.

Yeah that compressed air he used was nasty on so many levels. I was tasting that half the night. Ick.

welp ggs to everyone i played. might be doing more of the commentating and support than actually playing until super sf4 hits. Hubbs, your beard is sexay!!!

ggs great tournament. honda tried so hard and fell a lil short x2 this weekend

gj in particular to dave on getting 5th with rose

cool that you guys from indiana (and the gentleman from ME whose name I immediately forgot) came out… i remember living in texas and driving deep into the middle of the country (missouri, nebraska among others) for tournaments and that is a tough thing to do. next time post in the philly thread ahead of time and i’m sure everyone can organize for some extra casuals or something

Bring on SSF4! SF4 is getting old… April 27th…

Yo, it’s Malice. Other than dealing with the unique flavor of compressed air, I had alot of fun at this tournament. Shout out to Big E, Hubbs, & Gamer Doc for putting the tournament together and to Hubbs for adding Soul Calibur to the roster which ran real smooth.

I was supposed to enter in SF4, but then I started doing shots. Next time I will do shots and enter in SF4. But what I am really waiting for is SSF4 to drop. So if you guys are planning a tourney at the end of April, you might as well just wait until May 1 to hold it to get on that.

If I don’t see y’all at Hubbs, at 40th street, at the club, or wherever, I’ll see y’all at GVN.

For Real! Im coming back up when SSF4 comes out too, you guys should host another tournament

Wow sexy oh man i will watch you 2 from now on.