Janurary 3rd Alpha 2 Tournament (GGPO)

We’ll see how this goes since I haven’t done one in forever, but hey why not.


Time is as follows: 4 pm pacific, 5 pm mountain, 6 pm central, 7 pm eastern


USA/Canada only or as ping dictates
2/3 matches
Double Elimination
Winner stays with their character, loser may change
If two people can’t connect 2/3 coin flip (gay I know)

Chun-Li, Sodom, Sim, Rolento, and Birdie stages lag when picked, so you can’t pick them. Best stage is Ryu. To pick a stage hold start on the character then release and pick whoever. When 2 people first connect the second to choose is always the stage that is picked. If you both are using laggy stages then just kill the other then pick a stage and then start.

NOTE: By lag I mean when you activate your cc there is slowdown. Also if both players don’t care its all good, but no complaining if you choose to play the stage anyway.


E.Ryu is not allowed unless your opponent doesn’t care.

If you want to join just sign here, I’ll add players to the list until 32 spots are filled (if we get that many) and then have stand bys.

32 man bracket:

  1. RagingStormX
  2. blazeu25
  3. Patriarka
  4. dreamfire
  5. Anakron
  6. str[e]ak
  7. ThePunisher
  8. Yanni
  9. PapaRhino
  10. Resurrection
  11. Lantis
  12. css
  13. D-Proto

im in. so y is e ryu banned? he isnt broken. and gen stage is also perfect. no lag.

Cause really he isn’t used in tournies.

please record replays… GGPOAlpha2 needs an update :slight_smile:

I`d like to participate so im in.-
My nick is the same here for both GGPO and 2DF.
And i also play 3rd Strike

Add me I reckon. If I find out I’m working I’ll have to withdraw.

i’m pretty sure i can make this one. just don’t match me up with blazeu25 first round because nobody wants to see guy on guy action. :lol:

I’ll play.

Rets go.

Not liking this rule much either. I’m down for this, but i use e.ryu a bit so =/

If no one objects then sure you can use him.

haven’t played in a while but sign me up. ill practice some. yanni

Where you been fo0? lol

I’m down.


man i been workin 24/7 since i just had a kid and only been playin sf4 on my spare time. but after that ass whoopin u gave me im in dire to need to bone the fuck up. i mean, u always beat me, but goddamn i couldnt even pull off a srk sometimes. POS sf4 inputs fuckin up my alpha 2 gameplay

btw: srry man, but if u can switch my entry name to natural_ice i cant log in with yanni for some reason

just make another account with yannii. and damn man u been missing for a while lol

so i went 9-4 with zoo in a guy vs guy match. my guy is godlike!! lol his guy has a better rush down tho ill give em that but i think i got better mix ups

Only USA and Kanada? :bluu:

Sucks for the 251617281 Brazilians who are always playing SFA 2, though… :rofl:

and there shitty 56k connection

or if you have good ping to everyone.