Jap 3s footages at Yahoo Briefcase

scroll down the thread for more japanese 3s contributions from erco. to access his briefcase you’ll have to send him your yahoo screen name also. i’ll notify here if there are others willing to upload japanese footages into a yahoo briefcase. lastly, with a yahoo screen name you automatically get 30mb of space. why not share your goodness with us?

to access my briefcase:

  1. send me your yahoo screen name via srk pm. if you don’t have one then make one HERE.

  2. check your pm within a week kuz i’ll notify you that you’re in “the list.”

  3. go back to step 1 and sign in. then open THIS into a different window. this is where i keep that stash. if you’re not in the list then it’ll say “empty folder.”

for folder 2: THIS into a different window.

click HERE for a more detailed explanation.

NEXT UPDATE: we need some more top tier action…

RECENT UPDATE: dec 24, 2003

may 6 2003: A short clip showing you the 12 rushdown that I’ve been using lately. chikyuu (12) vs shirotachi (makoto).

may 7: Short clip of Urien dashing charge petition madness. performed by a japanese sbo qualifyer named COW!.

may 7: Full casual match of Ibuki vs Dudley. Players are Aruka (ibuki) and Gong (dudley).

june 18: 2 full matches. one is casual play of urien (COW!) vs ibuki (aruka). the other is from a final round of a japanese tournament featuring ken (?) vs urien (?). scariest ken i’ve ever seen…

july 9: full tourney match of ibuki (tyabasira) vs oro (178). 178 used oro instead of dudley - the character that made him famous in the japanese 3s community.

july 13: shirube vid of ibuki (shao) vs dudley (erotic teacher). i know most of you already have the entire shirube vid by now. very intense. well, i’ve been told that the japanese showed this at evo last year.

july 20: A URL TO JAP 3S MOVIES. for you dudley fans here’s a site featuring many footages containing a top ranked dudley player named fujiwara (he’s pink colored): HERE. click “game movie” on the upper left. i would link you to the movie page but the webmaster said that if people link his movies or his movie page then he would discontinue uploading movies. he updates quite frequently. footages contain japan’s best ryu player - georgia, top 12 player - moto, a top dudley player -fujiwara (second to 178 imo) and others.

Jul 21: 3 yrs old (2000) daigo vs hsien in japan vs u.s. i’m pretty sure everybody has seen this but news of daigo coming to evo got me interested in putting this up. as you will see daigo has a rush down ken and likes to mess around with his opponents. this coming evo his 3s skills should be even scarier… but i hear he retired from 3s. we’ll see…

Jul 30: desiken (“pupil dog kfg” or just “KFG”) vs georgia. a classic ken vs ryu fight. if you check the award list for coop cup 1 you’ll see “KFG’s” name. he was in daigo’s team for coop cup 3. desiken doesn’t link as much as the other japanese ken players. instead he’s all about zoning and combos. georgia… what can i say. best ryu player in japan.

Aug 2: moto (12) vs kuma (yang). moto’s my 12 sensei. got 2nd in coop cup 3 (used akuma). he participated in sbo and was eliminated in the first round by the u.s. team. also uploaded some space filling non 3s stuff.

end of briefcase 1 - unless there’s a 300kb vid floating around.


briefcase does not allow mp3s nor videofiles

It’s because they’re not “actual” video files. You have to join them yourselves, but before that they’re .01, .02, .03, etc. files.

trust me. it works. the thing about yahoo briefcase is that it only allows full public access of pictures without “this list.” that’s the only limitation. but once you’re on the list you can see and get everything i have.


aug 31 2003: moto (12) vs bistatio (12). a battle between 2 well known japanese 12 users.

oct 14 2003: dudley (dyabetu) vs chun (bee). chun’s a butch.

nov 29 2003: georgia displaying his trademark dashing skills to an unspspecting chun user.

dec 24 2003: mokomokohu (ken) vs 178. mokomokohu is from tokyo and got 2nd in coop cup 3… one of the few times you’ll see 178 getting raped both ways.

OIC…lol… shows what I know:lol:

anyone want some 178 as dudley vids?

hook it up erco.

btw, anybody with a yahoo screen name is entitled to 3o mb storage. we should all share the goodness.

I’ve got 2 vids on a Yahoo Briefcase account.

you can access it by logging into the account:

name: srk3s
pass: srkvid

have fun. 178 vs random elena, and 178 vs random yun

thanks or sharing erco. i hope you checked the pm i sent to you.

okay, I changed policies, and have restricted access to only people on my friends list.

DAVID will PM me his friends list, and I’ll add those names to mine, so if you were on his already, you’ll soon be able to access the srk3s one.

anyways, I’ve added even more stuff. Some ken, urien, ibuki, necro, and more 178 dudley stuff.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and a really entertaining remy too

i got a vid with a 5on5 on it and it was taken in japan i think the names and SA when they choose are all japanese and shit should i upload this?

stop blitzkrieging my yahoo briefcase.

you can no longer log in with the password. You have to now log into your own account, be a part of my friends list, then access the files.

since I’m locked out of the account because someone tried to log in too many times, I have to wait before adding anymore people to the friends list.

As of right now, I have everyone from DAVID’s list.

EDIT: Got access back, pm your yahoo ID’s for me to add you.

is that from one of the japanese “cooperation cups?” tell me what characters they used.

1st: Yang vs Ken
2nd: Ken vs Ken
3rd: Remy vs Ken
4th: Makoto vs Ken
5th: Makoto vs Chunli
6th: Makoto vs Gouki (this match really topnotch)
7th: Makoto vs Urien
8th: Yun vs Urien

and am i in the friends list erco? if not just put in doomdomain2 plz

Sounds like the finals from Coop-1.

idunno i just found them on #gamecombos so…

but u can learn alot form that makoto :slight_smile:

and see how no dudley was ever used there =/ not many japanese ppl use him i heard and seen 178… he was cruel

okay, too many vids to upload.

since i maxed out one yahoo briefcase, I figured, make another one.

and because I’m a creative bastard, you can access it, here:


yes, it’s like the old one, only with a 2 at the end

I transferred the friends list, so if you can get the old one, you can access the new one.

More 178, lots of ken, and some akuma.

EDIT: doom, you’re already in.

like billykane said, that’s the finals from cooperation cup 1. you can upload that if you want but i’m pretty sure people already have this.

that was the footage that revolutionized the 3s community in the u.s. especially here in so cal. before seeing ryo-chin’s remy in action nobody knew about charge petitions or lov buffering. tokido’s urien also spurred a bunch of tokido wannabe’s. the makoto bandwagon got even heavier. my favorite scene was when j took out nuki’s chun with ease. NOBODY DOES THAT TO NUKI AND LIVES TO TELL ABOU IT! NOBODY!

lots of people use dudley in japan. the full version of cooperation cup 1 and 2 are littered with dudley users.

gotta make some corrections.

A lot of people knew about charge buffering (hence americans being able to do multiple tackle combos) and charge partitioning before the vid (tons of stuff with dash -> charge move). The multiple on screen lov’s was nothing new, the video was just a nice little bonus. Also, the tokido Urien craze grew out of his supreme rapage at EVO. Tokido vs JWong match was basically a 3 minute Urien combo video. Lastly, seeing what J’s makoto did was the start of the Makoto bandwagon. Hell, I’ll admit, I dropped makoto for a while, and only started really trying to work with her after watching that vid.

now that i think of it i was told of charge petitioning and buffering but didn’t get to witness it in person. correction should be “it spurred many remy players including myselft to buffer/petition.”