Jap 3s footages at Yahoo Briefcase

i think the whole fascination with 3s grew out of team USA getting slaughtered in the japan invitational. :slight_smile:

people were like “whoa i guess there’s a lot more to this game”

i have that tokido vs J.wong vid, i know what ur talking about :slight_smile: fist they both let eachother build meter and that last match between em tokido really has J. Wong :slight_smile:

Sadly I havent seen any coop cup stuff.
Ive been out of the sf loop since right around cvs2 came out.
Which I didnt care for very much.
But I got a little bored and wanted to see what 3s was up to.
Really focused more on Hugo and occasional Alex stuff.
But seeing all this dudley action has piqued my interest as well.
And amazing to see people actually using 12 sometimes.
I remember NO one would use him by me. I tried and couldnt come up with much other then air dashing into EX Axes…

ack, sorry guys, the srk3s2 account was set wrong.

I fixed the problem (stupid yahoo doesn’t cascade properties down folders), so everyone should be able to access the 2nd set of vids.

again, I’m really sorry.

yahoo does cascade properties. i found out by accident. just make one folder and edit that setting to “friends access.” then create folders within that one folder.

you’re probably right abuot that urien craze after tokido showed us how it’s done in evo 2k2. but the coop 1 finals were circulated on srk 2 months after evo. regardless it was tokido who inspired a lot of urien users.

Id just like to say thank you so much for all these.
Since I started looking into 3s again 2 weeks ago, all I could get my hands on was sftchina stuff.
After video #3, I started falling asleep.
I was not impressed and thought that perhaps this was the top tier gameplay. I hoped I was wrong.
I remember seeing way better in chinatown, sheeeeeee.
Anyways, these got my hopes back up.
Hell, I was fairly certain I could beat on those sftchina guys.

i’m quite familiar with the 3s stuff from sftchina. you got to understand is that their tournament footages are from console and most of them use pads. secondly, in china throwing is considered cheap. that withers down the variability of offensive moves.

i hear that some of the tosf guys are from china - via transplants and chinese studying abroad.

then ofcourse japan is light years beyond everybody else.

naw, what I did was create the folders first, then I added everyone to my friends list in the “Files Folder” but the share didn’t cascade into the folders I created before setting it to friend share.

Well a pad doesnt mean your worthless. Unless its a dc pad. heh. I use a psx1 pad, and I can do good. I assume im not at 100% because of it, but I can land parrys into Gigas with hugo and what not.
A hammer can be just as deadly as a gun if you use it right

mmmmm third strike videos…mmmm thanks to DAVID for puttin me on the friends page. Erco hook me up!! please!:slight_smile:

although not uploaded in yahoo briefcase her’es a scrub exhibition movie: asdf

Notice in both 1st and 2nd cooperation cup, it was Urien who finishes it off… Urien rules.

tell me if u guys agree, but there are probably only 5-6 characters that can win a 3s tourney… Yun, Ken, Makoto, Chun, Urien maybe Yang?

what’s a good video joiner?

the video joiner for our files are in one of our briefcases. you can use my joiner and it’s in briefcase number 1. it’s called hj split. quite ez to use. just d/l all the partial files and save it into the same area. then join. if you need help pm me.

i’ve seen and know of every character other than sean win a japanese tourney. that’s not the same for the american’s though. the japanese master their characters into a formidable fighting machine.

match’s akuma repeatedly rapes k.o’s yun. go figure.

how do i get my hands of some of these vids? do i have to join yahoo and get on someone’s list of some sort? (i’m a computer idiot, don’t even know what yahoo briefcase is)

well, make a username at yahoo.com and tell david or erco the username i dunno who… both of em have links to a briefcase with files, u download them all, and download the program there too so u can join them so u can view… aint no shame nortern… i started like that too :wink:

expect something new later this week.

could i ge access to this?

yes you can. just read the first post.