JAP anti-dp question:

***note: anyone who gets owned by wake-up dps will bust a nut if this worx!!!

I saw this on the last ksk ranbat:

issey or knit was playing that ryu player, and when ryu was waking up, the yun would jump back and tap forward(to parry) to evade the wake-up dp safely. This is a great idea that imma start using.

here’s the Q:
if you parry it while you’re in the air, can you do a short divekick after the parry? ie: jump back parry, wiff short divekick, land, combo–>death?

the obvious answer is NO, beacuse you can’t jump back and divekick right? but after a neutral air parry(jumping up), if you press a button like rh, you will get the jumping-forward version.

like, if i was ken and jumped up and parried a yang divekick, then hit roundhouse, it would be the jumping forward roundhouse, not the one that looks like the sf1 hurricane kick.

so, will my jump back parry give me jump up/forward properties???

this would mean a lot for yun if he could do it, specially vs. ken, who’s dp has wayyyy quicker recovery than ryus.

iimmmma check this out 2nite, but, if neone can post for sure in the next hour, that’d be cool.:tup:

Nope it doesnt work
I already tried it
the jumping/instant parry thing is really useful especially fighting ken imo since you can get out of the corner easily
but I wasnt able to do what you said

it seems that even if you make the parry you were jumping backforward to begin with
but then again, if you parry a fierce uppercut you can punish them anyway