Jap strat from yellow cyclone

K water caltrop capture

Using the flying kicking from basic strategy foot payment tiger imperial fist and small J, it holds down the partner, uses small J large K and keeps destroying guard. In addition, using the tiger imperial fist and the flying Tsubame strong wind leg in the partner who is inferior in the reach, it is necessary to confront boldly. It probably will keep opposing with the strategy that and, by any means it attacks to the partner who becomes the forced liquidation ball unreasonably, invites strike and gets angry.

When small J of the one water caltrop of the using small J large K the track is low, puts out large K from here not being the descent also it can kick the partner who squats when destroying guard as a very fast squatting guard impossible skill, very much the treasure it does. This time, large K when it puts out near the apex of small J, is good. Like this it makes difficult to receive strike by the fact that it does. That this conduct will be restricted after small J large K, in the partner who rages, it keeps throwing the small tiger gun effective. If it hits, because it occurs and attacking is easy to do, being guarded, to receive strike is difficult, is.

When you mention the attacking water caltrop from small J, it climbs and only small J large K is tend to be observed, but also the attacking from the descent of small J is powerful. As for one medium foot connected dance fist. If the chasing attacking the picture center it designates as the aerial tiger imperial fist with to occur, be able to move to attacking, when it has driven to the edge, when it makes J large P, be able to move to the landing attacking, very power. As for second, after making of the lower position be conscious, descent large K -> the lower large P flying Tsubame strong wind leg. If the fainting value is high in 40 and the emergency after that succeeds the occurring attacking it is possible to thrust to same fainting. And, small foot -> supremacy king Sho ? fist. In order the small foot to be connected even with advanced hit, you can aim for the painful spacing lower position even from distant interval. Furthermore, this small foot -> as for the supremacy king Sho ? fist when the small foot is evaded, the coming out case of the small foot it is cancelled automatically, it has the quality that the supremacy king Sho ? fist discharges. Speaking simply, it is the powerful move which the small foot -> the supremacy king Sho ? fist can stand and hold down two of guard and evasive action simultaneously.

It occurs and attacks and small J turns after and the like the small tiger gun the ? it is possible to execute the powerful occurring attacking which it can be entwined. At close interval, it turns in K ? small J -> under small P -> under large P -> the large flying Tsubame strong wind leg (fainting value 39) with you aim for 2 ? of the medium foot connected dance fist. Turns ??? from the ? turns, under small P the fainting aim -> under large P -> the drunkard imperial fist (33), the small tiger gun of the ? loop aim (23) is good changing. It turns the interval there is no ?, at interval such as after the flying Tsubame strong wind leg, small J large K -> under large P -> the large flying Tsubame strong wind leg (40) with the landing small foot -> under large P -> the large flying Tsubame strong wind leg (32) you aim for 2 ?. If it succeeds both after the flying Tsubame strong wind leg, it is possible to thrust most ??? to fainting, it is very atrocious. when using the important thing water caltrop, as for hang on always, the partner escapes because attacking is intense and becomes the waist. When it can escape, it is important to try to attack, to get angry and to be able to use the supercomputer. If the supremacy king Sho ? fist which penetrates the picture at instant is equipped, and so on it escapes and it reaches the point where it is not enough fearfully in the ? ?.

Lastly the K water caltrop not to be ??? which gets angry with just, strike ? and others taking ? ? hitting each other at the same time and being conscious of the fact that it is ? ? ? which gets angry it probably will fight. The time pulling is necessary, but the attitude which is always attacked does not have to be forgotten.

shit, someone sticky this.

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Sorry this strat only good for azn.

I still can’t read it. Alpha, can you at least translate this to some extent for us?

I can’t remember the last time I referred to my opponent as “partner” and that kind of disturbs me…

maybe somebody wouldn’t mind translating it from FOB-English to American-English?