Japan 3s A-Cho Cup - 3on3 Gekitou Tournament


This tournament took place on 12/7/2003 in Kyoto.
50 Teams entered.

1st Place - KO (Yun), Match (Gouki), Nuki (Chun li)
2nd Place - Izu (Makoto), Boss (Yang), Raoh (Chun li)

Not sure about anything below that.

I recieved an email from KTA in Tokushima regarding this tournament and he said that Shonen (Urien), Kyosenshi (Q) and Suga (Ken) from Tokushima, Angel-land entered this tournament. You’ll know them from the recent 3s videos I released in Direct Connect earlier this week. Angel-land won their first match then had to fight KO’s team. Shonen defeated K.O and Match using Urien, but Nuki finished all of them off and later advancing to take 1st place.





If anyone’s seen the video (which is up on A-cho’s website), I only realized towards the end how incredible Match is playing. First off, he beat Makoto! Second, he beat Chun! Both very difficult matches for Akuma but he juked 'em. Sick as fuck.



yes, nice that he stuck with akuma even after getting raped by J’s makoto :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Part of his strategy is jumping jab, which I’m betting not only gets you out of karakusa via the jump but also counters Makoto’s standing kick game and maybe EX upper?



strange that izu didn’t pick SA2 on akuma tho


Random Japanese team owns.


I’m pretty sure that’s Igo not Izu right?



it’s izu


match is my hero.


well actually the katakana reads igo not izu


actually, it’s hiragana not katakana


Moop is correct.

And that IS baffling how he didn’t use SA2…wtf?


no its not i know for a fact cuz even hiragana su doesnt look like that go look at a hiragana and a katakana chart if you dont believe me.


Actually it is hiragana and does say Izu. The font just looks wierd. That second character is clearly not katakana “GO”.

you can always look up the tournament entry list on that page and see for yourself that Boss and Raoh’s other teammate is in fact Izu.


yeah it’s the font. And it looks more like a “tsu” than a “go” in hiragana. :lame:


that is definitely the ugliest hiragana font ive ever seen if all the other team member’s names are in katakana too




It could be itsu, but not izu


you are wrong anth, it is izu. if you look closely at the start of the vid, you can see the diacritical marks above the mutated “tsu”.

and btw, totally offtopic…you know how in college football they have the Heisman Trophy with the guy giving the stiff arm?

well, i propose that from now on, the “MVP” award in all team tournaments should be the Izu Trophy, and it should have him jumping up and down.

that would be even more awesome than Erotic Teacher Okumoto and Team Mad Cow Disease Ratio 4 Bison combined.



well the letter tsu cant have tentens in the first place so it still cant be zu + if you look at the last team members name being boss when read but spelled out in katakana is bo-su but if you look at the supposed “izu” the su would have to be the same character except with tentens which it is not its a completely different one altogether, but either way it could be izu and just be a typo on the video so im not gonna bother with this

back on topic it is kinda weird he would use SA1 on akuma but then again i been seeing alot more sa1 makotos lately rather than 2