Japan bans "virtual crimes" in games

There has been a lot of discussion about this law on the anime/manga side, but everyone seems to be missing that this also applies equal to video games.

Tokyo Anime & Manga Ban Passes | Sankaku Complex

Due to the law’s obscure nature, I personally am very worried for this. As someone egerly awaiting the return of Dark Stalkers, give me even more reason to fear. I’m almost certain that Vampire Savior would fall under this laws jurisdiction with succubus, loli succubus, Red Hood, and god forbid Midnight Bliss. http://www.slateman.net/images/gaming/gifs/ds/midnightbliss-leilei.gif

In your opinion, what does this law, assuming it will not be overturned, mean for the future of the Japanese video game industry, and how will this effect the future of fighting games titles, which tend to feature young people involved in odd and suggested ways as well as violent acts (looking at you AH3)?

Totally, completely and utterly illiberal, moronic and backward.

Is it really safe to put Sankaku links here?
Also, it’s not an outright ban. Its a regulation.

I’d just like to see an official translation of the bill in question. From what I understand, Sankaku’s the Fox News equivalent to the otaku world, so taking their epic slant of it may not be worth a grain of salt.

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Nah, just hyperbole. They’re just putting up a front so the Western News Media won’t focus on the rape porn/hentai. Japan will never, NEVER, tone down their porn. I doubt they’re going to tone down violence in movies and especially games because they know we Americans love tits and gore, so why would they ever shoot themselves in the foot?

Damn, so it’s too much to ask for if I want to see a shootout between toddlers and grandmothers as they both expose their genitals to each other in a video game? Damn, that sucks.

Bill 156?s Total Scope | Dan Kanemitsu’s Paper Trail

Basically all anime\manga\games will have to be either bland with almost no fanservice\action whatsoever, or rated 18+ from now on.

I’m worried about this too. Some of my fav anime are most likely to see the band hit them. Ishihara is offically an ass for life.
I still don’t know why japan voted for him; the guy is a proven racist, homophobic bigot.
I guess Japan’s not the only country that votes dumbasses into seats of power >_>

no more battle raper tournaments guys :frowning:

I personally for this decision, whether its done intentionally for moral correctness or politics is another matter. I personally thought some media in japan too closely emulated virtual crimes.

As far as I understood, anime\manga\games rated 18+ won’t be affected. The problem is that a lot of today’s anime\manga\games rated 13+ might be forced to change their ratings to 18+ because they have fanservice\bloody action scenes.

Sankaku is a piece of shit website stop reading it.

japanese are F4GS no doubt about that


wHatZ Your POintT?

govt. involvement in arts and media is never a good thing?





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Not true, goverment can help as much as inhibbit. Pre Stalin soviet rebuplic art florished as it was funded and supported by the government, before STalin attempted to regulate the arts.

Sweden also uses its wonderful sociolist dollars to aid in the promotion of its arts.

France also is a great self supporter of its arts, creating a legal enviroment that allows them to shine, such as forcing all radio stations to play 40 percent french artist on their stations.

Government art can be adaequtly handled, the trick is just to keep out of regulation and simply fund projects. If it weren’t for sweden’s sociolist system, the astounding youtube project iamamiwhoami would have never gotten off the ground.

Vague laws are shitty, especially ones that call on the judges to decide what is moral.

Oh god… Wait… “sexual acts which violate societal norms”?
My traps and SM! :crybaby:

Hopefully, like someone said, this is just a front while everything keeps going as normal. Sounds like something Japan would do.
I don’t really think it’ll affect fighting games much though.

So I guess no Poison for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 DLC :frowning:

We oughta send japan a shitload of Rockstar ps3 games…

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The bigger issue…
Arcana hearts 4: yay or nay?