Japan Fighting Game History Doc (FR)

Really nice documentary on Japanese fighting game history, with alot of interviews with SNK and other staff, footage from Japanese arcades etc… Its French language, I hope someone will sub this soon.




*These three unpack into a single .avi file.

There is a very nice one for Shootemups on the same page too, feat interviews with Cave and other contemporary developers:



Billykane, could you do it please? :wink:

These documentaries were really well done.

Here is a subtitle file for the shmup documentary:


Merci :slight_smile:
Do you know if the Metal Slug documentary, made by the same people (GameOne FR) last year was ever translated? I’ve always wanted to know if they interview Susumu and Akio, the designers of the R-Type look, who later left Irem for SNK and went on to work on the Metal Slug games…

BTW, I didn’t know you could get seperate little subtitle txt files like that, thats really handy. I wish they were more widely used.

I can translate it. I speak pretty good french. The problem is I’m pretty busy and this looks like a time consuming endeavor.

For those interested, I’ve posted up the Metal Slug documentary from the same series here: http://www.mslugdb.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=502


Thanks Crayfish for these video links. I downloaded all of them - the fighting one, schmups, and Metal Slug.

If anyone finds or makes subtitles for the fighting one, please let us know.