Japan fighting game history (video)

If this is old please mods delete it. Please.

That’s pretty cool. Seems like there’d be some nice info but alas, no subs. =/

Thanks for posting it tho.

great find…

but I wish I could understand French, would love to know what they are saying :slight_smile:

le ha-dou-ken!

That long line of coins/tokens on the machine is one of the most beautiful things to behold.

Yea, it’s been around for awhile. There’s another one about the history of shmups (2D scrolling shooters) that actually has subs:

http://shmup.canalblog.com/ - The link to the vid is at the top, scroll down to “Subtitle File #2 by fontaz” for the subs.

These are extremely well-done, so hopefully someone subs this one as well.

Wasn’t it? lol, have to agree. That or Sega’s AM2 department they showed.