Japan FINALLY does something useful, Boob Cookies!


[details=Spoiler]For anyone and everyone looking to boost their busts to the size of their dreams, there’s now a snack that’s supposedly makes it happen. A cookie brand sold in Japan is saying that they have an alternative to breast augmentation surgery. The F-Cup cookie is marketed as having herbal extracts that naturally increases cup sizes over time.

The cookies are made with an extract of Pueraria Mirifica, a plant that can be found in the northern regions of Thailand and contain a form of estrogen called Miroestrol. The cookies are available in two flavors: Soy Milk and Pralines & Chocolate. The site suggests that one or two should be eaten daily, along with lots of water because the cookie will absorb it and fill you up. Women with pre-existing medical problems relating to ovaries and breasts should stay away from the product altogether, the site advises.

While estrogen has been proven to affect breast size, there’s still no proof that the Miroestrol extract from the plant has any effect on the size of breasts, Fox News reports. Those curious enough to try, however, can find the cookies at the F-Cup store.

As for me? My boobs don’t need to get any bigger.

Read more at http://www.foodbeast.com/2014/05/23/bewbs-japanese-cookies-said-to-increase-breast-size/#XXbsB9MQYlv4PwPR.99[/details]

All I know is if this shit actually works, this will redeem Japan for Pearl Harbor, censored porn, and Idol singers.

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Which side of “fox news” is “reporting”… local? Cuz that might be okay. but not the other one

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Looks like they’re shooting Fight Club 2 in Japan



Oh shit they even have gum for this shit lol!!!


I just sent that link to my gf’s mother, asking her to ship a box to NYC asap. I CC’d my girlfriend in said e-mail.


I think it only works on women bro, sorry.

THIS however, might be up your alley.



So that’s all it takes…


I came in here hoping for cookies shaped like boobs.


Do they taste like boobs or are only shaped on the form of boobs?
What if i want a cookie with the flavor of sweaty perky 20 something latina boobs? Do they have that?


Why don’t you want cookies made by boobs


Don’t make me link you all to that lady mixing a cake in her vagina…


^Does she twerk it to aerate the mixture?


What if I eat some…


Pralines and Chocolate?

The fuck? Didn’t they watch Wayne’s World?


Cookies are boring. Use this instead:





Maca root is well known to increase breast size by 2 cup sizes. It also increases booty size. pass the word on to get every girl on maca.

thank you.


What about Ass Cookies? For ass goblins of the world. WE DEMAND ASS COOKIES.


You… don’t know they (regular cookies) already do that?!


Just go to Bourbon Street down in New Orleans. They have sex pastry shops where they’ll even take a mold of what you want to have a cake of so you can customize your perverted confectioneries. Supposedly some places even have some celebrity molds on file.

On Topic: Edible estrogen products aren’t a new thing, and from what I know most of them don’t really have any evidence to back up their claims. At best they’ll probably make your breasts sensitive and maybe mess with your menstrual cycle, but actually making your breasts grow noticeably…doubtful.


They won’t work. If they did, this would be huge everywhere. It’s just funny to see.