Japan Gamer's Vision 3s 1/21/2005

KSK’s Gamer’s Vision Arcade in Yokohama Japan.
3rd Strike Tournament 1/21/2005

  1. KO (Yun, Yang, Akuma, Urien)
  2. Furuka (Makoto)
  3. Pierre (Urien, Chun Li)
  4. Mopreme (Ken)
    Tied 7) Kokujin (Dudley)
    Tied 7) others…

KO Cheats. I lost to him and Pierre.

good job mo. how many entries were there?

How did KO cheat? Just wondering.

damn i didn’t know he could use urien too

details, details!

I played KO’s urien at evo2k3…parried that guy unblockable! He was like “Woah.” I was like “Hahaha.” Then he punched me in the face.

nutters :stuck_out_tongue:


Why don’t you play Ryu anymore! :sad:

Come on dood, EVERYBODY plays Ken.


He always plays Ken/Chun in Tournaments

anything is possible with mopreme’s blue ken.

k.o is a lucky boy that cheats.

who is fhuruka?


The number 2 guy should read “Furuya”. I’m pretty sure that’s the Makoto that ran through our entire team at Cooperation Cup.

KSK records all of his tournaments. Starting with last weeks he is going to be putting them online to download with Bit Torrent. He plans to put the Best 4 bracket up every other tournament. But since this is the first time, he is going to put up the whole Best 8 bracket. They should be available to download starting Friday.

KO Cheats.

ownage :slight_smile:
always good to see the japs in action

Thanks for the info Mopreme. Can’t wait to start downloading.

Can’t wait for those vids myself…should be some good stuff…thanks.


vids are up on ksk’s site

and id be there too if i knew what is was. :tup:

assume not all of us have friend in japan and know the url

edit: google rules http://gvision.exblog.jp/

everyone should have a friend in japan : )

when i come to nebraska and i make friends with you will that count?

lol sure i don’t see why not, god knows i spend enough time overseas…