Japan Goods Proxy Service

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently teaching English in a small town in Japan. I have student loans I’m trying to pay off and the Yen to USD exchange rate is not great right now. As such I am offering a proxy service for any fighting game related goods you would like from Japan. Whether it be new or used Japan exclusive games, consoles or arcade sticks please contact me if you are interested in purchasing something from Japan. I’m not doing this to as a means to feed my family or anything, but as a way to pay off my loans. If I can get even $1 to ¥100 then I’m already coming out ahead of the exchange rate.

Once again please get in touch with me either on the forum, or my email if I can help you get a product from Japan.



Good to know! I will get in touch the next time I’m importing something!

I am definitely interested. Just a bit of advice, if possible, please provide any history of conducted sales/trades in your signature so that people can buy with confidence.

I second that emotion @Razerwyre !
A history of positive transactions would go a long way even if you’re not trying to make a profit and are just trying to help and be a go-between for people wanting goods.

Are you located near any game stores? Would you be able to get retro games? Can we contact you for quotes?

I’d be interested in some japanese PSN cards for credit used to buy games. You could even just email me the codes so you wouldn’t have to ship.

Solaris japan sells the ¥3000 for 28.85, ¥5000 for 46.58 http://solarisjapan.com/products/playstation-network-card which is actually below your 1:100 ratio.

There are a few New3DS coverplates I’m interested in, not sure how close you are to a store to get those.

Will do. Thanks for the advice. I’m working on the first transactions.

If you’re interested in something please message me or email me with any links that might be helpful. Thanks all!

Yes you can. Message me or email me.

thank you thomas. just received my items today(catherine for ps3, and some cvs2 strategy guides). items shipped fast, less than a week, and were packaged so as not to get damaged along the way. looking forward to ordering more stuff soon.

even with the difference in our time zones, thomas always replies quickly, and is very informative about what options are available for each item. thanks again.


Hey sir,
What part are you living at?

Id be interested if you are close to any shops that sell neo geo mvs carts

Just sent you a Message Ichiban.

I live in rural Hokkaido. Northwest side. The capital city Sapporo is a 3.5 hour drive away, but I go about once a month to get out and do city things.

Depending on what you are looking for I may also be able to find it online. I’ll message you with my email address.

sent you a PM

Just got my order in. Took about two weeks from time I paid for the items to come in, which was much faster than the last guy I ordered stuff from. Definitely ordering again after I’ve taken care of this month.

Pm sent

Got a nesica card from Ichiban, definitely a great guy to work with and very flexible. I now know who to go for next time I need something from japan.