Japan Invents Meat Made From Poo


Man I feel bad for the guy who had to taste test it.

Mcdonalds is hype for this


Okay, you all knew this was coming. Don’t even TRY to pretend to be shocked. The moment you saw “2 girls, 1 cup”, you just KNEW they would find a way to make shit into something you can eat. When you saw tubgirl, you thought “Wow…wouldn’t it be wierd if…?” But 2g1c put a quiet certainty in your mind that one day, SOME day, they would do this. Don’t even lie.


Lol I hope they just dont bring this " shit " to the U.S


The only thing going through my mind is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Which means that this “smeat” can’t possibly have any value or advantage over real meat. So WHY am I resorting to eating poop for no benefit at all?


Reduce, reuse, recycle!


Does poop even have nutritional value? We call it waste for a reason.

Also, you won’t be able tell a Japanese person to “eat shit” because they’ll take that to mean you’re suggesting what to eat for lunch.


meh… it will die out fast, they will get sick of eating the same old shit…


We say eat my shit, japan says, hmmm, how about we make everyone eat everyone’s shit, and they pay us for it!


Japan leads the world in fucked up research


Can my shit work on a George foreman grill?

I have to say, if I we’re to secretly eat this, not knowing it was someone else’ shit, and it tasted good, and I was told afterwords it was shit, I actually might throw up :x


your avatar… + this topic… the purple one knows something the blue one does not


I always thought the shit sandwhich was only a myth. I now know differently.

I don’t think this shit’s gonna work.

customer: “this burger smells like shit!!!”

Waiter: “It is shit.”

Okay. I’ll stop now…at least until I get some new shit.



its now official, when I travel to Japan, I will not touch any of their meat. I’ll just eat yakisoba for the entire stay

seriously though, why are they leading the world in sexbot research, and shitty beef creation?






Why should you or I be bothered, when we can get two J-chicks to do it for us?

And film it.

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Son, I know you.

With the amount of questionable Japanese tuna you’ve partaken of, what’s a few percentage points from fda approved levels of shit in your burger?

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As much as I’m grossed out, the nerd in me is wondering how this would be applicable for space travel.


yay I can’t wait to travel through space, eating my poop and drinking my urine


you can only eat burgers for so long til you get sick of that shit


Pfft, they did that on Robocop, big deal.