Japan "Let's Go? Justin! Cup" results!

yes, that was the actual name of the tourney.

basically a tourney bas threw for our american players in japan (kim, ricky, justin, floe). 85 heads showed up for the cvs2 tourney, more for the 3 on 3 tourney (i’ll get to that in a second).

1st: KOK “the most gangsta of all names” (A-Blanka/Vega/Bison)
2nd: Bas “the american dream” (A-Vega/Bison/Blanka)
3rd: Nakanishi “japanese choi” (C-Ryu/Guile/Sagat)

our american reps? …let’s just say they didn’t do too well.

anyway, there was also a Melty Blood team tourney going on during the CvS2 singles, and apparently the crowd over there was getting really wild. the arcade was in the middle of a mall, so I guess the manager was pretty fidgety about all the noise being made. the result? the CvS2 3 on 3 tourney was cancelled by the manager. can you say wiggity wiggity wack?

even worse, a lot of fools came only for the team tournament. Sawada, Kindebu and Mago (SBO2 champion team) were among them.

oh well. if anybody has results from the newton 3s tourney that happened afterwards (i’m looking at you, fubarduck/mopreme) couldja post em up in here?

Vids !! ? ?

By “didn’t do too well” I sure hope you don’t mean, “peaced out instantly”.

I wish i was gangsta like KOK. :wow:

Do you know what teams were used Buk?

I assume Ricky used A-Vega, Sakura, Blanka r2.
Did Justin use P groove?

Newton 2 on 2 3s Team Tournament

Knit (Yun), Mester (Yun)

KO (Yun), Ohnuki (Chun Li)

fuck Yun!:mad:

a Ryu placing? What is this 2002? :clap:

Was that the same player as in the most recent A-cho vids, because he played the same team…

Justin got taken out first round, ricky won one, then lost right after that. Team tourney 3s: You can use same characters. So justin(chun)&Ricky(chun) get beat by some dudley player in the first round.

Im not too surprised at the results…I hope that future tourneys in Japan have some random US wild card players to actually take us to the top.


damn dudley beasting all over robot chun. props to the player. maybe it was munakata.

fuckin melty blood players
fools need to calm down

man, melty bloody is taking over slowly…

but yeah the us players getting peaced out 1st round in both games didn’t come as a surprise, there’s just so much equal or near equal talent there in japan (or so I think.), it makes their “top” players literally over the top as they have to adjust to different styles,etc. all the time.

Pyrolee(Yun), Frankie3s(Ryu)

holy shit. pyro and frankie representin

i definatly have to give props to KO too, everytime theres a tourney he’s always comin out on top or really close to top.

Whoever it was, he had to be a beast.

it was Jima

Didn’t Pyrolee and Frankie3s from the US get 3rd place?

Again, KOK is the best name ever. :rofl: I’m winning every tourney once I change my name to that.

They sure did. But some hating buster convienently left them off the results. :confused: LOL Since when does posting 1st and 2nd place constitute results? I may be wrong but that looks like blatant haterism.

Just a postscript to that, I know both Pyro and Frankie personally. The hate I see on them on here is unexplainable and is for no reason. They are just two very talented players who are just better than the other USA players. The couple times Pyro gets cocky and pops off at the mouth is just him playing around (He doesn’t realize how serious some of you take his jokes). He’s actually a real humble cat who just loves 3rd strike. He practiced for a while, got good (especially with yun) and now everybody in this “very small” community for some reason got hate for him. Once you “barneys” realize how small this street fighter community is you’ll realize that you need to support one another cuz most young gamers play pc games and could care less about Street Fighter. Now granted I’m an old fuck and I can remember when SF actually ruled the world. Back then it was fun to talk shit but the game has changed. You few that are left, and most of the people left are diehards and actually have alot of skillz, might want to try to get along or you not gonna have anyone to play against. And in case you’ve forgot, SFighter is pretty fucking boring against the CPU. That’s all I got to say. Peace to all the old heads who use to write (tag), smoke weed (Frank still blows mad treez), and play SF all day. I’ll hit yall up online for a game of SF2CE when I’m 65. :tup: LATE