Japan log?

Well, sort of. I’m lazy and I always lose interest in keeping threads going eventually, plus I’ve already been here for almost a week so this is gonna be more of a log of random thoughts and observations… not even in chronological order.

The scene at More:

Too crazy for words. Especially now that SBO is coming up, the arcade is just totally packed with random foos playing CvS2. People from out of town are coming in to Tokyo early to get their practice on, and the majority are getting tossed around by the Tokyo elite.

The crazy thing is, there is no single dominant player. There’s like 10-12 dudes all roughly equal with each other, all vying for the top spot. The only people that actually get streaks at More are Dan (C-Ryu/Ken/Sagat) and Iyo (C-Dhalsim/Maki/Rolento). Bas and the newest dominator Captain Sawada (A-Sakura/Bison/Blanka) would probably get streaks also, but they’re always playing each other and getting their streaks killed.

If you’re into CvS2 (all three of you guys), More is like some kinda magical nirvana. Hold up, take that back. Aside from all the shaggy hair, dudes wearing the same clothes every day, cigarrette smoke so thick you can draw pictures in it, and mad shoulderfucking going on because the place is so full of dudes, More is a dope place. On three head to head cabinets, you’ll often see a combination of Bas/Sawada/Ohnuki/Makoto/Iyo/Otaku or whatever all playing each other, and you don’t know which match you want to watch. And after one of those 6 dudes loses, another buff ass player will step up and start playing. The casual play at More is actually more fun to watch than most any tournament, since all the filler of random scrubs is removed (for the most part) and you have mostly dope ass players you’ve already heard about and WANT to watch playing.

Even though More is mostly specialized in CvS2, the scenes for pretty much every popular 2D game (and even some unpopular ones) is really strong. For some reason, GGXX #r is the female gamer’s game of choice. Lots of random hoes (most of which are very ehh looking… but they dress nice!) are playing that game, and yes, they all use female characters. Usually in a pink color if available. Some girl who was actually semi hot except for a crazy grill had like a 15 win streak with Dizzy. I’m totally far behind in GGXX, but the stuff she was doing looked pretty tight: knockdown in the corner, send out the blue jaws thingie, a spike, a bubble all hella fast, then do some crazy low airdash towards the opponent and so some weird ass mix up that I can’t even tell what it is. It was working, whatever it was. I played one game of ggxx and it literally lasted like 15 seconds. People were laughing at me. =( I hate Eddie.

Since SBO is coming soon, the Vampire Savior scene is pretty strong too (cue B-IzM creaming his pants here). I played Ino, got rocked, then played Chikyuu (whom I’ve never even seen at More before) and was actually doing really well. I was about to beat him with a full bar of life left, then he somehow hit me with the EX air fireball and turned me into a bat. From there he just chopped me death. Don’t ask, I have no idea. I played him again and he almost perfected me. Anakaris is seriously impossible to block.

Super Turbo and Hyper Street Fighter are there also, with a modest amount of players playing both. The release of Hyper Street Fighter seems to have sparked a very mild surge of interest in ST around Japan, as the game does seem to get a decent amount of play in some arcades. I played once against CE Bison, was about to win, then I made the mistake of blocking a psycho crusher. It crosses me up halfway through and I get knocked down. He then does an early psycho crusher to cross me up again and knock me down, then a NOT cross up psycho crusher just to piss me off and kill me. Asshole.

KOF2002/2003 have pretty strong followings at More also. Say what you want about 2003 being a Duo Lon-fest (which it is), but at least the stuff he does looks interesting and fun. I saw like 50 different set ups after a connected rekka series and like 20 weird ways to set up the grab. Random snapout moves seemed to rule the day though.

Samurai Spirits Zero Special I didn’t get to watch much. Kusarefhjklsdhfjka (the big ass monster looking thing) seems to be a really popular character though.

Oh, and if Street Fighter doesn’t get you the hoes, shooting games will. There was this one dude playing some random shooter and was on some superplay shit. Then some random HOT ASS girl walks up and starts watching with this =* look on her face. She stands there and watches him for a long ass time, then when he finally dies she takes off. He prolly coulda hit it if he had beat the game. Loser.

More later.


No 3S?

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sounds pretty sweet man

Cool to see a Dhalsim player doing well. Get yourself a camera and record some matches. :cool:

Or if you already are, keep it up.

Yeap that sounds like MORE alright…like the last time I went there :)…crowded as hell. Can’t wait for your next post…I’ll keep an eye out. Lates.


don’t suppose you know the address of more? is it easy to find from the train station?

i heard dan is good but i always see him losing in vids.

good post buk. So cvs2 is the most popular fighter as of right now at More?

he he he… more jokes please :wink:

:lol: Nice…

Good thread.

nice thanks for the info buktooth

Hey Campbell, who do you use in Vampire Savior?

And I assume the place was more packed than usual because of SBO. Do you know, by any chance, who the regular top players are at MORE?

my friend DK regulars a-cho, from what ive heard, hes extremely crazy C-kim player, keep an eye on him campbell, he qualified for SBO also.

Aw man, that’s awesome! I want to jump on a flight to Tokyo tonight :slight_smile: . Cvs2 fo’ life!

Great thread, Buktooth88.

– tru3tn01
"down for the cause"

Buktooth: How is team usa doing in CvS2. Have you/ohayo/ricky gone on any big streaks yet?? Do us proud.

I dont think Ricky went to Japan (or maybe not yet). I was just playing him yesterday at a local bay area tourney.


New Game Impressions:


After 5 or 6 games, my impression is that this game is very, very blah. It looks kinda nice what with the cel shading and smooth animation yadayadayada, but everything else about the game seemed pretty subpar to me. The roster is pretty small at 10-12 characters (2 of which are palette swaps), and most of the designs are pretty bland… save for the obligatory Ninja-Looking-Badass type character.

The game plays pretty slow all around. Moves execute slowly, jumps are floaty, just kinda sluggish all around. Despite the slow pace, the game doesn’t seem to have anything resembling a defense game. There are no invincible reversal-type moves (at least not with the characters I tried), anti-airs are iffy at best, and every light punch/kick seems to give a humongous frame advantage. The game seems to boil down to dash jab jab, dash jab jab, dash jab jab OH SHIT ONE HIT chain combo chain combo combo combo combo combo. To make it even worse, since defensive measures are seemingly non-existent there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot you can do about the repeat dashing jabs save for mash your own jab and hope you win (you usually don’t) or mash the roll button. Yes, there’s a roll button. If neither of those are working and you don’t have meter, you simply just wait and hope your opponent pushes himself far enough out for you to move, and if he doesn’t you just get guard broken. Maybe me and the other players on the machine are missing something really important about the game, I dunno.

The meters are kind of a bastardized version of GGXX: I probably don’t understand it completely, but there’s an Offense Meter that fills up when you attack. It lets you do supers when full, and what appear to be Roman Cancels (normal moves only, apparently) for like half bar.
There’s a Defense Meter which I guess fills up as you block/get hit, and when that’s full you can perform something like a burst. The difference is, instead of hitting two buttons to burst, you have to do some complicated super motion AND have to have some sort of requirement fulfilled. For example, some characters can only burst when getting hit by kicks (or not. I kinda can’t remember) or when knocked down, etc. So let’s say some guy is comboing you. Your character needs to get hit by a kick to burst. Not only is the timing pretty strict to burst, it also requires a complicated motion (usually along the lines of a f,hcf+p or something) AND a full defense bar. So basically whenever somebody’s pressuring/hitting you you try to mash out a burst… and it generally doesn’t happen. Oh yeah I forgot, defense burst thingies are kinda like supers and do damage, unlike GGXX bursts.

The moves, special moves, and supers all are all pretty blah. I didn’t really see anything new or original. In fact, almost every special move/super I saw was just a bastardized version of another existing move in past fighters.

Well, I hope I’m wrong about this game and that it magically turns out to be some dope game, but things aren’t looking too hot right now. It seems to be a total bomb in Japan also, as hardly any people are playing it, at most arcades aren’t even carrying it.

Guilty Gear Isuka:

Did I say Rumblefish bombed here? I take that back. GGXX Isuka DEFINES the term. Less arcades have this game than SvC. SvC. I haven’t even played the game yet, so I can’t pass a fair judgement, but I can see why the game tanked so bad. I saw two guys playing the computer (incidentally, these were the only two guys I ever saw playing the game) and this is my impression:

Take A3’s dramatic battle mode. Good, silly fun right? Now, add in that teammates can hit each other. Let that seep in for a second. I am Faust. I toss up a meteor. EVERYBODY ON THE SCREEN JUST DIED. Here’s how a usual match played out:

I. Player A is fighting Player C (on team 2). Player B (team 1) doesn’t want to hit his partner, so he just kinda hangs way out in the back where he can’t do any harm and builds meter.
II. After about 15 seconds pass, Player B gets bored of doing nothing and runs in and spazzes away, beating up both his partner and his opponent.
III. Player A wants to escape Player B’s pent up fury and hides in a corner and builds meter where he can’t hurt anybody.
IV. Player A gets tired of waiting and… you get the picture.

Add in the stupid button required to turn around (a switch target button would have been much more sensible), and you have the recipe for an instant financial failure. Again, I didn’t even play the game, so take these impressions with a few liberal dashes of salt. However, I definitely cannot see this game becoming a serious competitive game ever.

Virtua Fighter 4: Final Tuned

By request, I went to Shibuya to check this game out. I’m just a casual VF player, so I’m not as sensitive to the differences that a more hardcore player would notice right off. Anyways:

No new characters. According to a big chart on the wall, every character got exactly 5 new moves (maybe it wasn’t listing all of them), a few modified old ones, and a “change technique”. I have no idea what that does, but it’s usually performed with a single direction and a button, such as 6P or whatever. Backgrounds retouched, but other than that general engine seems to be unchanged. I still have no idea about the change technique thingie though.

Casual VF player that I am, the main thing I was interested in were the new outfits/hairstyles/accessories kinda stuff. Hmm, that makes me sounds kinda homo. Oh well. Anyway, since the game hasn’t been loke testing for very long people haven’t unlocked anything crazy yet… which causes me to think that Sega released this as a whole new version of VF4 rather than call it VF4 evo version D or whatever, simply to force everybody to buy more VF cards.

Anyway, here’s some of the new moves I saw:

Brad seems buffer all around. I can’t say for sure since I don’t know more than what the PS2 training mode tells me about Brad, but I noticed he has a lot of counter hit combos that give a crumple stun or beatdown animation, which allow him to do some pretty hefty combos. I did notice he has a new low kick from his back sway (did he even have a back sway before?) that causes crumple stun on counter hit. He also has a new right hook punch which lunges pretty far forward and hits low.

Akira has some really ugly and goofy looking new moves. I can’t really tell what they’re supposed to be used for since they’re pretty slow, but I’m going to guess they have auto-sabaki properties or something. One move looks like Xiaoyu’s d+1, and another has him flapping his arms around before doing an elbow which causes gut collapse.

Pai 1K+G was modified so that it knocks down without counter hit I think. She also has a jumping low punch which looks a lot like her 3P, except she hops forward and does it. She doesn’t seem to be able to continue the punch string after it. She has a new elbow from back turned position. If it hits, she can combo a cool looking throw where she kicks the dude in the head over her shoulder with her back still turned to him. She also has a goofy looking jumping crescent kick that puts her in backturn.

Jacky has a new string starting with a front leg roundhouse that looks like it hits mid. He also has a new jumping double kick similar to Akira/Leon that seems to be his new combo ender now. Also seems to have new options out of his special backstep thingie.

Uhh, that’s all I noticed since those were the only characters being used. There was a Kage guy who didn’t use any of the new moves, and I never noticed any of those change techniques.

Samurai Spirits Zero Special:

Still haven’t had a chance to sit down and mess with this yet. Maybe later.

wait a second people already qualified for team usa for cvs2 for sbo???

anyway…sounds dope…

maybe you can post some new stuff you seeing in cvs2 or something…

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To hear you describe it, Japan must be the best place in the world. I’m actually laughing out loud.

Damn!! Those Sammy haters were right! Rumble fish does suck. Blahhhhh… you played the final version bucktooth or is it the beta?

GGXX Isuka… kinda figure that game was gonna have lots of problems.