Japan MvC2 12/14 12/21 tournament


12/14 at alpha stathion

17playres entry

1st Mitsu(ironman/storm/cable)
2nd Takayuki(mag/cable/sent)
3rd White(storm/sent/cable)
4th Nagata(cable/sent/CC)
5th Tuntun(MSP)

12/21 2on2 tournament at Sportsland

10teams entry

1st MarukuK.Y(MSP) Liquid metal(storm/sent/CC)
2nd White(storm/sent/cable) Jhemus(spiral/sent/CC)
3rd Takayuki(mag/cable/sent) Hayato(MSP)


For the guys who don’t have SJIS, this folk’s name is Nagata.

Hmm, looks like Japan has similar lineups to the US now. wtf?


They wanna start competing. XD


hahaha and here I was thinking they were using low tiers. GO JAPAN


Nagata, come visit seattle again!!! i will be there this time and you can stay with up and myself.:smiley: :smiley:


Yah Japan holding it down, that’s what’s up;)


liquid metel BEEN a beast.


Yeah, definitely one of the top MvC2 players, I played that fool in Japan last May and received a beating similar to the one I got from Mixup with Sentinal Cap :frowning: I thought I would whoop some ass in Japan but no the comp is crazy over there in MvC2. He also was whooping up on Omega Battlecat. Mixup you know Justin Grey how were your matches in Pensacola with him. Well Justin just PM’d me and said Liquid Metal is killing him. Oh well I hear he was trained by Genghis.