Japan mvc2 tournament result


This mvc2 tournament is held in Alpha station which is probably somewhere in Tokyo. (7/13/03)

Here is the link

Thanks to Nagata and good luck to all Japanese mvc2 players who are coming down to Evo.


Haha, there’s mad funny Engrish on there.


cycrops assist too good!


i heard from Nagata that liquid metal is #1 in japan and he uses team scrub as one of his best team now. also Nun isn’t as good as he used to be. also Mitsu’s ironman is way stronger than liquid metal’s.


I love Pcyrocke.


yeah! sutorm is pretty good.

How life on Earth Began

damn, iam slow, what is team scrub?:confused:


any three members of the empire.


look at my av.



white and nun are ranked pretty low. I thought they were supposed to be like the top best 5 down there.


pssst spell business right


It appears under this ranking system they havent played many tourneys.


:lol: oh my god X, I didn’t even notice that!! hahhahaha :lol:
That is halarious!