Japan SBO teams



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JOE(A-Kyo/Bison/Blanka) / Togawa (N-Iori/Ken/Sagat) / Knit (K-Sagat/Geese/Cammy)

Kamiide ?? (A- Kyo/Iori/Hibiki) / Nakanishi (C-Sagat/Guile/Cammy) / R.F. (A-Sakura/Bison/Blanka)

Mago (C-Honda/Sagat/Blanka) / KinDebu (A-Sakura/Bison/Blanka) / Sawada (A-Sakura/Bison/Blanka)

President (K-Kyo/Cammy/Sagat) / Fist King (C-Akuma/Guile/Sagat) / Takezou (A Sagat/Kyo/Iori)

Zako (aka KFG) (P-Kyo/Sagat/Cammy) / SIN (A Blanka/Rolento/Bison) / ??? (A-Honda/Sakura/Blanka)

Charlie (C-Sakura/Cammy/Sagat) / Kazu(C-Blanka/Cammy/Sagat) / SAW (A-Sakura/Maki/Chun-li)

known teams (that were defeated)

Daigo (C-Guile/Ken/Sagat) / Shiro (C-Sagat/Rolento/Yamazaki) / Dan (Ryu/Ken/Sagat)

Ino(K-Blanka/Cammy/Sagat) / Ohnuki (N-Akuma/Chun-li/Sagat) (/Tokido (N-Vega/Blanka/Sagat)

BAS (A-Sakura/Bison/Blanka) / Morikawa (A-Hibiki/Blanka/Bison) / Otaku (K-Hibiki/Kyo/Rock)

DK (C-Kim/Chunli/Sagat) / Crimson (A-Sakura/Vega/Blanka) / Lai ( K-Hibiki/Mai/Sagat)




i’m extremely suprised that daigo’s team got defeated. It seems like an extremely solid squad. Do u know wut team defeated him?


Ino’s and Daigo’s teams are real scary. Kinda cool how they got defeated though. Some of the top 8 from last year (especially the final 2) won’t make it to the end this year. New blood! :slight_smile:

Where’s Ver? I wonder if he plays the same team?



But at least things are starting to change again. Very cool.


Is that vega the claw dude?


Bas’ team is Bas, Morikawa, Otaku

Ino’s team is Ino, Nuki, Tokido and Ino is playing K CBS, Nuki is playing N Groove Akuma, Chun Li, Sagat and Tokido is playing Tokido Family (thats what they call his team) - N Groove Vega, Blanka, Sagat.

Bas overslept (maybe his whole house?) so I don’t think any of those fools, Bas, Ino, Mago have qualified yet.

Derek Daniels


very interesting. team daigo sounded dope as hell. daigo/shiro/dan is a sick combination. how many teams do they take?


Otaku isn’t actually on Bas’ team. Dude goes by OTK actually, and he actually uses the exact same team as Otaku. According to Bas, he’s “better than Otaku”. Last I heard, Morikawa switched to C-Guile/Sagat/Blanka to help balance out the overall team a bit more.

Mago’s team = Mago (C-Honda/Blanka/Sagat), KinDebu (Team Bas), Captain Sawada (???)… team jokesters! They got beat by Togawa’s team at Tokyo’s first qualifying tournament. To be more accurate, they got thrashed by Knit’s K-Geese. Togawa never even had to play. Mago’s team was the one that beat Daigo’s team en route to the finals.

And imo, although Daigo’s team is loaded with talent, they have a bad balancing problem: they all have C-Sagat based teams. They’re like the only team that didn’t make an attempt to spread out grooves and characters… counter-character issues will be rough for them. Indeed, they all got ran through by KinDebu’s team Bas.


is there anywhere were i can download qualifier vids at??? for teams and for individual???

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Oh yeah, forgot to add that Captain Sawada and Tokido both couldn’t show up for the tourney. Their teams both played 1 man short.


i emphatically second this request


Are teams allowed to play in more than 1 qualification tournament? And I want to know what’s up with Ver too. That guy is too slick.


can somebody please update this? my computer can’t show japanese text and i couldn’t read it anyway.



Oh, to correct my post above, OTK really IS Otaku. Bas was talking kinda cryptically.

The winning team of the most recent SBO qualifying tourney in Tokyo:

Mago: C-Honda/Sagat/Blanka
KinDebu: A-Sak/Bison/Blanka
C.Sawada: A-Sak/Bison/Blanka

Sawada placed 3rd at the first Japan national CvS2 tourney with K-CBS, and lost in the first round last SBO with team Bas. Top tier whore to the fullest, heh. Bas says he’s improved a LOT and now he’s “as good as” him.

Runner up team (doesn’t qualify):

Morikawa: A-Hibiki/Blanka/Bison
Otaku: K-Kyo/Rock/Hibiki
Bas: A-Sak/Blanka/Bison

For those that don’t know, Morikawa got 5th at SBO, Otaku got 7th. I was told that Morikawa switched his team to C-Guile/Blanka/Sagat to balance out the team, but I guess he went back on that.

Morikawa did most of the teams work throughout the tourney, and even beat Mago and KinDebu in the finals. Sawada then proceeded to beat the whole team on his own, working throw/counter hit mix ups to the fullest. He seemed to always guess right, landing a TON of throws and then hitting with the counter hit low short into a big fat combo the one time they tried to tech the throw. Nobody got past his Bison… because one counter hit short from Bison = dead character.

Ino beat Daigo’s team all by himself, and fairly easily I might add. I’m not sure who Ino’s team lost to.

The next qualifying tournament in Tokyo will be the very LAST one before SBO… so competition for that one will be fierce. Bas’/Ino’s/Daigo’s (and all the other big name players) teams will most likely be travelling to other, scrubbier areas of Japan and qualify from there instead.


thanks a lot for the update. any information on ver or aojiru? they were in the top 8 last year, but i haven’t heard anything about their teams or their qualification status.

thanks again


man this shit had me laughing, seems like there was some MAAAAAD beasting going on…but wtf is counter hit low short? comboing the trade off a low short?

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How the HELL did Ino’s team lose o_O. Best team I can Imagine would be Ino, Tokido, Daigo/BAS


Madd props to the k rock playa


BAS didn’t make it?! :frowning: