JAPAN THREAD 2007 (Konnichiwa B!tches!)

Lemme attemp to roll us all up in one seaweed joint and do the damn thing! If you live in Tokyo or any neighboring prefecture, or if your planning to visit Japan for that dream Gamecenter tour. Or if you live in Japan and are tried of beating the crap out of your weak-ass co-workers/roommates, Or if your just curious about the gaming scene from a foreign or native aspect this might be the thread for you.

So let`s go ahead and get together. Cause it too many gamecenters here and so little time!

Start posting!:rofl:

any good gamecenters in Kita Kyushu?

j/w incase I end up in Japan this Summer.

Should be… even when I was living in the sticks of hokkaido. There were mega dope gamecenters! So, I’m sure kita kyushu has them as well!

Man, I texted you like twice after you replied, and you never got back to me, so I don’t know. I was in Akihabara in like 2 arcades there, but the competition isnt too great like I thought it would be. I’m going to Game-Newton on monday maybe, and will hit up Gamers Vision, so see someone there hopefully.

Yeah I was in NAGANO getting my E.Honda on! My Bad but today and Tuesday, I’ll be downtown. If you want comp you gotta go to MORE in Shinjuku.

I’ll just text email account you sent me.

i wanna take a trip to japan this summer. where is a good place to stay and how much would it cost amerimone???

any recommendations for arcades besides MORE? i dig MORE because it’s all 50y instead of 100 like all the other arcades i’ve been to so far.

On the otherside of Shinjuku (South Exit, not the New South Exit. There is the Club Sega. Higher prices but it’s mega tight! Except thesmoke… The Cancer!!!

I just got to Japan yesterday. Can anyone give me the general directions
to MORE?

If you are at Shinjuku East Exit walk down toward Seibu Shinjuku Exit and it’s on the left… next to McDonalds

Actually I might be down there on Tuesday or Wednesday

In case you need a visual aid for those directions to More:

And if anyone is interested in some MvC2 action, you should head over to Alpha Station, which is in Shin Ookubo (one stop from Shinjuku on the Yamanote line). That’s where Takayuki, Mitsu, and all the other Marvel players meet, but I hear they don’t play much these days.

To get to Alpha Station: after exiting Shin Ookubo station (there’s only one exit), cross the street, then head left. Walk for about 3 minutes, and it will be on your right. It’s called “Alpha Station”, but they write it with the Greek letter “alpha”. They also have lots of other games (VF, Tekken, 3S, AE, tons of random fighting games I’ve never heard of), all for 50 yen. Pretty dope little arcade.

If you’re already in Shinjuku and you like excercies, you can just walk there instead of taking the train for one stop. I used to walk there, but then again, I am a raging cheap-ass.

Thanks, I totally forgot about alpha station. Whats been up with you NKI and are you going to FR9?

Does VF have the most comp?

I’m not sure now… They were testing VF5 at Club Sega in Shinjuku Yesterday and a lot of people were on it!..Goddamn! El Blaze is fast as F#CK!!! There were a ton of foriegners there yesterday.

I got a bunch of 3 tier match-ups in marvel wins yesterday, but I walked outta that place with 3 degree cancer!

P.S. No more marvel in MORE or Alpha Station. Damn!

Does anyone play the old Smash Brothers (N64) in Tokyo?

Being that I don’t know what FR9 is, I’m going to say no, I’m not going. :confused:


Yeah they yanked MVC2 and put in SC3 Arcade edition and an extra T5 machine… Next week if I get some time. I`m gonna visit Joypolis and the gamecenters around Odaiba area… Gotta Check the “GLAM Gamecenters!” Have you ever played out there?


I’ve been down to Odaiba a couple times, but never for gaming, so I don’t know the arcades at all in that area. Let me know if you find any good ones. Odaiba is a pretty dope place…feels like the year 2097 down there.

Yeah that place is too futuristic! And its the only place I know that you can get dipping dots icecream!!!

A friend and I will be arriving in Tokyo on Friday and staying for 2 weeks. We are staying in the Shinjuku district. Already meeting up with several people over there but would be nice I guess to meet some more fellow SRK heads. We mainly play 3s, but I also play ST.