JAPAN THREAD 2010: Let's do this ish!

allo allo, start posting in here now that 2009 is over and dun with!

Rules for Posting:

  • Keep it clean! No unnecessary flaming.
  • If you’re coming to Japan for a vacation, cool! Welcome!
  • If you’re in this thread cuz you have a hardon for Japan but have no way of coming here, GTFO.
  • If you dislike Japanese girls, GTFO.
  • If you enjoy some sweet ass curry rice, welcome!

Visitors to Japan
If you have a question, feel free to ask us, but first COMPLETELY read and answer the following questions:

  1. Where are you going to stay? (Tokyo is not an answer, it is just like saying New York City, L.A., London, or Hong Kong)

  2. What games do you play?

  3. If you are asking for budget approximations, please give detail about:
    -The number of people you will be with
    -Where you want to go
    -How luxurious of a place you want to stay in
    -What your spending needs are (ie. gifts for the family, everyday arcade, sightseeing, etc.)


Directions to Tokyo arcades

More save spaced for important info

Does anybody still play mvc2 and what arcades have it still?

man, havent been on srk in forever… tekken consumed me.

alpha station in shin okubo has mvc2 randomly, shibuya kaikan has a one-player cab, club sega shinjuku has one setup, game las vegas shinjuku randomly has it on a HD setup… but basically nobody plays anymore. the last competent player i ran into was arturo when he was in alpha station, haha.

what happened to those sessions in shinagawa? id be down for something now that i have time (yay for new 3-year visa~)

I`ll be here in Tokyo again until the 23rd of Jan.

I`ll be at Shibuya Free Play nights, and at 7 Island a bunch.

… and you will get pwned by zangitan. :rofl:

lookin forward to hang out this thursday.

edit- I have questions to those who are in Tokyo. Is Game Inn Sakura still running? And does anyone knows whether they are still selling Kuroda 3S dvds? I checked out the site/blog for info but the latest post was made last february regarding the latest dvd of Kuroda’s Urien. I wanted to get those dvds for myself and some friends but I’m too broke right now to travel to Tokyo just to check.

Yes, Game Inn Sakura is still running, they just don’t update their website. They update their blog on a regular basis.

MVC2? that dead my man, i hevn’t seen a cabinet for that in Japan for like 1.5 years… dead my man, dead.

@ other Japan SRKers:
so who gonna volunteer to write the “expenses, how-to, where-to, I need help when I come to Japan” section?


I LOVE mother-fucking curry rice.

I suppose this is a good time to ask again if there is anyone around the Yokosuka area, or south of Yokohama anyways? It would be nice to find a few more guys to hang out with here locally so i don’t have to commute to Yokohama if I feel like playing some SF4. Not to mention getting raped at 7 islands can get a bit stale…

When I hit Japan each year I love staying at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro which is really nice and I love eating @ Kauti which is a maid cafe nearby.

there is an arcade nearby but its small…this is the number to it 03-5951-6600? if its even there anymore.

if any of you are going to be near Gods Garden I stay in this hotel and just jump on a train.


Ill be staying in Takasaki in Gunma-Ken for about a month from february till march. Since its kinda close Ill probably be hanging out in Tokyo a few times, would be nice to get in some games with any of you. My GF has friends over in Yokohama, so thats cool too I guess.

Is it difficult to find shops that sell stick hardware in Akihabara? I havent been there before, if its a stupid question, nevermind.

Mvc2 is still alive, and there is really really good competition.

They play in Shin-Okubo (Korea Town) at an arcade called Alpha Station.

Many of them have attended Evo, and are pretty solid. The problem is that there are only about 10 of them who play, so you need to check their forum. If you can read Japanese, this is the forum: http://yy2.ziyu.net/yy/MvC2BBS.html

If anyone is coming to Japan looking to marvel, just hit me up and I can schedule some kind of tourney / get together with everyone

Double Post, my bad.

Anyways, yeah. Marvel ain’t dead

Its been months since I last went to Shin Okubo, there’s an awesome thai restaurant i used to go at least once a month (hey i live an hour+ away from there lol)…

I’m getting mad rusty at sf4 since ive been busy with my thesis and the lack of people at my arcades aint helpin much neither (and when there were people, there’re overpowered dirty ass Sagats LMAO, just wasted 1000yen for a 20 losing streak earlier FML)

Anyone in Japan up for some player matches on psn?(not right now obviously lol) I’m not on psn that much anymore but I can get on 9pm onwards if you guys wanna have a few games. Last person i played was Azrael and that was at least a month ago :rofl:

If anyone else plays those loli-*** games in kansai area, I guess I’m the person to talk to, lol…

ya i havent played in hells of long… i dont have a thesis, but i have 2 lil boys and work my ass off…

i miss playing all night with a bottle of jack next to me :frowning:

guys im getting things done to tour japan by the end of may.although i’ll be looking to up my sf4 skillset,its not strictly for gaming as ill be looking to tour as much possible.

although money is not an issue,im guessing food is going to be my main problem.(unless you guys can give me a great solution)you see,im a strict vegetarian(from birth) and i
would really be grateful to the person who can provide me with information about indian/vegetarian food joints etc in japan.i also keep hearing about an indian 5 star hotel,if anyone can
confirm its existence it would awesome!!

note that i keep saying indian because to my knowledge its probably the only cuisine with a bit of selection for vegetarians outside of india.
so again,i would be grateful to the people who can give me info on the kind of veg joints or sources where veg food is available since i would probably plan my whole trip according to that.


hi reno!
nice first post!

now to answer your questions:

  1. landing in narita and taking the express train into tokyo … as where i will be staying … /shrug. i have no idea. i’ll be with a friend, we are just stopping over for a few days before heading back to toronto. any reccomondations on cheap places?
  2. i play SF4, and some: mvc2, cvs2, ST, 3s. i’m probably going to get rocked in everything at the arcade but i still want to go to experience it!
  3. N/A

so what are the names of some of the major arcades in the tokyo area and when are the best times to go!??

i’ll be in tokyo only for a few days … from feb 12th to 15th !


  1. If you want a combination of comfort and price, I would go with Toyoko Inn. It’s about 6000yen per person, but with the Canadian dollar -> Yen exchange rate it may go up to $75 for you or so, dunno. Either way there are a lot of Toyoko Inns around Tokyo, they’re always around the major stations, and they are comfortable with private baths/washrooms/free breakfast/free internet/etc. Some people will say capsule hotel or internet cafe, I say Toyoko Inn for the best deal, especially if you don’t want to slum it.

  2. Head to Takadanobaba’s Taito Station Bigbox for Street Fighter 4, best place to go really. It’s 50yen per play as opposed to 100yen at most places. Shibuya Kaikan is good too. If you are able to travel to Yokohama (15 min by express train from Shibuya, not too far), you can also head down to KSK’s Gamer Vision. I can write down detailed directions for that arcade if you want. Also hit up Versus arcade run by Nuki, and Game Inn Sakura too, they’re all good arcades. Best times to go are after 6pm tho, that way everyone finishing up work will be there too. weekends are also good, and since you’re arriving on Friday it’s perfect.** If anything you may want to go to Nagoya on the 13th… they’re having national qualifers there the day after you arrive in Japan. ** Every top player will be there so it may be worth it for you to go if you really want to fight the best. The downside is that it’ll cost you an extra $100 or so for the train to get there.

  3. wtf? lol