JAPAN THREAD 2010: Let's do this ish!

Im feeling that. I got a new website coming for mvc2. Its called mvc2.tv. What teams they play down there btw. Im low tier all day. Guile/Iceman/Whoever else!

just a heads up…game inn sakura has moved to game versus in nishi nippori now.

Reno thanks for the tips man, greatly appreciated!!!

I’m in Vancouver right now on a stop over before my direct flight to Seoul (ugh)

detailed directions to any of he arcades would be awesome man!

anyways I don’t think ill have time to go spend a whole day at the qualifiers but will probably hit up one of the major arcades on Friday. I’ll reply back on here later in the week after gettng settled in Seoul.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Heading out to Tokyo like Jay on the 19th February for a week, still undecided where to stay, but looks like the Tokyo Inn is a bargain.

I play SF4 exclusively so i’ll be down at bigbox once or twice hopefully, when is the best time and day to go? i.e when to the top players go? (Mago, Momochi, Daigo, Uyro etc)

Coming with my girlfriend and do expect to spend around 500 - 72000 YEN each. Mainly be shopping for novelty gifts and all things Japanese.

Would like to stay in something a level above the Tokyo Inn but too fancy, and would like to visit the main attractions.

If you take out the expenses for the hotel, how much on average would you spend per day for the essentials like travelling and food?


Okay, Taito Station Big Box at Takadanobaba (where a lot of the major SF4 players play) is really easy to get to, but it really depends on where you are staying.

I would really recommend finding something at either Shibuya, Ikebukero, Shinjuku or Akihabara. The first three stations are all really popular with tons of places to drink and party, plus they all have really good arcades, and you can take a train for max 10 minutes to get to Takadanobaba. I recommend Akihabara also because it’s the closest to the airport while still being in civilization, plus it has arcades too.

To get to Takadanobaba, just take the “JR Yamanote Line” trains. Here’s a map of the train line. Just be careful because there are about a million different lines in Tokyo. Since you’re only in town for a few days, just stick to the Yamanote line and you’ll be fine.

Link to english map: http://www.picturetokyo.com/en/transportation/yamanote.html
Big Box directions (aka look for the big ass building that says Big Box lol): http://www.bigbox-baba.jp/about/

Just FYI, but since those qualifers are happening that weekend, a lot of top players may not be around because they’ll be down in Nagoya trying to qualify. The player quality may drop a bit compared to the standard but I’m going to bet that there will still be alot of good players around for you to play.

If you need help while you’re in Japan just PM me and I’ll send you my phone # and phone e-mail address. I’m in Osaka so I can’t help you directly but I lived in Tokyo for almost 3 years so I know my way around.

I remember the first time I went to check it out there. Walked around the station looking for it for a good 20 minutes until I got right in front of it, looked up, and read “BIG BOX” in HUGE letters.

I kind of felt like going home. :rofl:

Hi guys sorry for invading the thread,but i’m from vancouver canada and i will be dropping by tokyo around shinjuku area from feb 25th to march 15th, so i might be able to watch the national qualifiers and godsgarden for sf4 if possible…

what i would REALLY like you guys help is if anyone would be so nice to ask around and help me register a card with my name since i wont be having a cell phone and this is like my dream…i’m willing to do whatever to compensate for the help!

thank you very much for your time!

Are the cards required to play by the way?

I was surprised to see theres even like 10-ish arcades up there in Akita city, in the middle of nowhere. Damn I envy those Japanese.

You dont need cards to play, but its better to have them since fighting a nocard person barely rewards you WHILE deducting the playcount of the person with a card *one card 500 plays

You can play cards even if you dont register them, your name will be NO NAME, thats all, oh and you cant modified your char and stuff.

thanks reno.
i’ll see about getting a phone (or sim card? ii have an unlocked gsm phoen with me) while i’m there.

gsm wont work in japan. i think you can rent a phone at the airport or summin, but i know nothing beyond that.

this link might help

You can rent a phone at the airport, don’t leave without it, it’ll be very useful, but expensive. IIRC it’ll cost about $50 for a week, but since you’re only staying for a couple of days it’ll be cheaper than that I assume.

Booked our hotel yesterday, staying at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel. Got a really good deal, 40% off, so it cost us just 33372 YEN each for 8 nights, really pleased with that.

We’re also on the Yamanote Line :slight_smile: Only 12 stops from Big Box!

I might be staying until the 3rd March however, if i’m not able to change my ticket, where can go to sleep in one of those pod hotels or a few days?

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Hey Reno and Others,

Thanks again for all the tips.

I’m leaving for Japan tmrw (Friday) morning. My friend and are gonna jew it down and stay at the Sakura Hostel in Asakusa to save some $$$$. Since I’m only going to be around for the weekend, it’ll be hard for me to drop into the arcade but I"m still gonna try. Probably stay local to the tokyo area and won’t be able to leave the city to watch any qualifiers (sucks).

Arrived yesterday. Im not even here for a day and Ive already eaten so many awesome things.


What’s up yo. Anyone around Sasebo or Fukuoka? I even checked out some Japanese forums, but cannot find any 3S or pretty much any other 2D fighting game players around here…

Real quick-like, I would like to remind folks of this threads existence.


It’s a friggin awesome time, and while sf4 is the main attraction, there’s also normally a good amount of people playing cvs2, 3s, or BB:CS.

Does anyone know a place to get Sanwa and Seimitsu stuff in Akihabara? Maybe Im just stupid, but I ran around all day but couldnt find a store that had any parts for the life of me. I even asked around, but most of the store owners didnt know either. Does Akihabarashop.jp have a store down there?