Japan Thread: The population really is declining for SRK Japan


Sure thing man. Just let me know when you are in the city. I am at the arcades once or twice a week.

Weekends are a no go for me though… I got my kids on weekends. But Friday nights are the usual time for me.


Hey man, Misawa is hella far from the city, been out there a few times, really nice base. I will add you on PSN later tonight, or you can just add me first ;p


Yeah, I keep seeing the meetups, but I’ve been having weird hours at work that have been preventing me from going. I did take a trip to Taka to check out both the Big Box Taito Station and Mikado. Both of those places are actually pretty great!


Mikado is my hangout spot, so you should see me there on weekdays!


That’s where I used to live around 6 years ago. The arcade there closed down shortly after I moved away… Coincidence? Who knows if there is any kind of scene there now.

I haven’t checked this forum in a long time. Some of you might remember me… Maybe. I’m still in the Nagoya area myself. Next time I drop by Tokyo I’ll check out your events there IParryu.


I remember you! We got on 3s on PSN a few times. I haven’t been playing any SF for quite some time… been playing League of Legends more than anything.

But ya, when you do come out here, we have to hit up a few arcades.

Anyone get on that Ultra yet?


Haha, I only play off and on, but wanted to play more recently cuz of Ultra. We have a lot of places with Ultra here actually. I play LOL as well, along with other stuff like Wow and Hearthstone recently.


Ya, add me on LOL, IGN is IparryU.

Top: Rene
Mid: Kayle, Vel’Koz
Bot: Annie, Vayne
Jung: Shaco, Rene


Hi! I’m new to the SF scene.
Ordered SFIV AE (for PS3) from Amazon JP and am waiting for it to be delivered.
Have been a SC (Soul Calibur) playa for 10 yrs. but wanna try a 2D game. None of the other 3D games are for me.
As I only use Talim I can only play SCII HD Online now (Namco ain’t givin Talim any love) and thought it’d be nice to play a game where I can actually find someone online any time and can find it in the arcades (I love playin in the arcades).
I live in Chiba City and have been in Japan since '91. Am from Los Angeles and was born in 1967 (but my age stopped at 25, haha).
I’ll prac up on the game (think I’ll try Juri) and post up again.


Welcome Talim. I am going to get back into the SFIV scene since Ultra is in arcades now.

If you want to come out and drink/play, I help organize weekly meetups for the Tokyo gaming comunity.

add me on psn too!


I don’t drink but love gamin!

After I get some prac in I’ll be ready to hit you guys (& gals) up for some gamez (I’m a complete SFIV AE newbie now).

I’ll add ya!


No problem. I am the most… Experienced person in 3S, CvS2 and SF4…In fact, I’m the only one who seriously plays those games. Newcomers are always welcome.

Always good to watch other people as well so you can practice the things that are applicable.


I’ll let you know when I’m free, but it won’t be till sometime after GW.
I wanna get the basics down and then hit the arcade to see how bad my butt gets kicked, haha.


Ultra is also out and there has been some changes to all the characters FYI.


Looking for people to play 3S in Fukuoka. Most of the arcades for 3S closed aside from Game Greenland and Taito Station in Tenjin, but I’m sure there’s got to be at least one new spot with it since the last two years I’ve been absent from Fukuoka.

Let me know. I also play SF4.


IparryU- Ya I know about Ultra.
If I go to an arcade I’d probably try to go to one that doesn’t have Ultra (and prob one of the arcades in Aki).


Hi all, I’ll be backpacking in/around Tokyo for a month starting mid-may. I’d like to play some Ultra. Is ultra in only a few arcades? What are some good arcades to check out? I’ve heard of big box takadanobaba, taito hey akihabara, and club sega. Relative player skill doesn’t matter to me, just looking for a fun environment to spend some days playing ultra and maybe to meet people.

Thanks for any advice. I’ve been googling but all I can find re: good places to play ultra is information about location tests… But we’re past that, right?


Yep it’s only in a some arcades.
It’s in Japanese only but this site shows where:

Tokyo area lists 61 arcades.

I’m pracin and will be playin the regular game in the arcade once I prac up at home, gonna be a while before I’m good enough to drop 100 Yen on my skillz, haha.


Thinkin of havin gamez at my place in Chiba (I live on JR Keiyo Line), mostly SFIV AE w/some SCII.
We usually game from anytime after 11 till about 7. Then go out to eat & everyone goes home.
Still a newbie but if anyone wants to come let me know.


Man… If i would have known earlier i would have came out.

Today was my last day to go out on a day off. Having kids has some huge cons.